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  1. I need to hire a graduation gown hood and cap for next Sunday, any ideas guys? Not for a real graduation so doesn't matter about which colours are on the hood, it will be very well cared for if you have one that i can borrow and it will make someone's day very special!! Have already tried fancy dress shops. Thanks x
  2. Hi all, A couple of years ago an ex colleague recommended a yoga teacher to me, I'm looking to start classes and I can't remember her name for the life of me!!! she practiced in my area, the south of sheffield (chesterfield side), and she was a full figured lady. If anyone could suggest who it is I'm looking for I'd be really grateful! Also can anyone recommend a tai chi class in the same area? best wishes x
  3. On November 14th my current bathroom suite is being ripped out. I have a white enameled iron bath and sink, and a porcelain loo. The bath would need re enamelling if used, but should be worth something scrap? also have two old radiators, only any good for scrap. Anyone interested?
  4. Unfortunately Rawson won't let me do our own food :-( and since the party is mainly vegetarian and vegan (awkward I know!) their menu isn't quite varied enough. Waiting on the harlequin to email me their buffet options so fingers crossed! Not allowed to self cater there either. In case they can't provide the right kind of buffet, any more thoughts or ideas? Thanks guys.
  5. Thanks guys, they're great recommendations, will check them both out!
  6. Hiya, trying to organise a little get together for my boyfriends birthday. A pub with a beer garden would be perfect, or a small venue with gardens would also be good. Not a huge crowd of us just somewhere we can have a drink and maybe a bbq. I've looked at all the other posts and either the venues have been too big or too formal. Somewhere easy to get transport to and from in Sheffield would be good. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  7. poseidon at woodseats or devonshire chippy in devonshire green :-)
  8. Hi there, I'm wanting to put together a party for my partners birthday this year in August. Ideally I would love to hire a beer garden where we could have a BBQ and as it gets cooler in the evening, or if it gets wet we could move into the pub. It would only be for about 20 people and we're a well behaved bunch! Alternatively a small venue with a garden would be good? Anybody have any ideas? The more Sheffield centralish the better. Thanks peeps!
  9. Hiya, Does anyone know where i can get cheap ready to hang internal doors with handles ready fitted etc? Many thanks, Sarah
  10. Hi there, I bought my house a year ago, and when I had the survey done it recommended having every radiator replaced as they each showed signs of rust. I am decorating one room at a time, starting with the bedrooms which each have one radiator. So............I have looked at radiator prices, and have seen them for as little as £20, but have no idea how much it is to have one fitted, and if it would be better to do them all at once because of system drainage etc but I would prefer to do them one at a time and as cheaply as possible! Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Sarah
  11. It depends upon the authority (which town), whether you work statutory i.e council or private and how long you have been qualified \nd which field like children ior adults but I would say that newly qualified you would be looking anywhere between £19000 to £25000 if you're really lucky.
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