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  1. Anyone remember Nelson, the barman at the Crosspool Tavern back in the 60's. Used to walk about Crosspool with the pub parot on his shoulder.
  2. Go to http://www.beermad.org.uk/ Then enter 'Sheffield' and 'Location' in Combo box Visit the brewery web sites to see what they have to offer and buy direct John
  3. I worked there through the 70’s. I worked in TDS – Technical Data Section, located directly below the computer room. We developed software and delivered it to computer room each afternoon to be processed overnight. The main software we developed was the ‘CRAP’ system – Computerised Routine Analysis of Performance. John
  4. A one hour boil which is necessary to clear the beer of some of the excess proteins will remove any chlorine. It will not remove fluorine as this is present as fluoride. Sheffield tap water’s fine though may be a bit soft. You might want to try adding gypsum to your brew liquor at the rate of about one desert spoon to every 10 litres. This is what makes Burton Water the ideal water for brewing. This should stabilise the Ph prior to pitching at about 5.2. Forget bottled water, different makes contain different minerals and, unless you’re into chemistry you’ll have no control over your brew. Besides, it’s dearer than beer! Take Fezzyboy’s suggestion about Bradfield Brewery seriously. They do excellent beers in sizes suitable for the home. I also believe they now have beers available in bottle. Get to know what real beers taste like and get to know the brewers. Most head brewers I know are dedicated to their job and will talk for hours on the subject. I don’t know the current situation, but when I was brewing in the 70’s you could not get a decent top fermenting yeast. (You could not get a decent bottom fermenting lager yeast either, but that’s a different story). Knowing the brewers will enable you to cadge the best strains of yeast. I used to get mine from Whitbread at Lady’s Bridge. If the brew shops in Sheffield are still in the hands of the same family then you will also get good advice from them. I knew Colin, the father of home brew in Sheffield back in the 70’s and 80’s when he had a stall in the market and his son ran the shops. If they didn’t know the answer to you problem, they would always find out. All the best John
  5. The name Grundy rings a bell. I think he was the tall one. The other, I can't remember his name, married Pam, my neighbour.
  6. The nearest is probably at Brighouse / Elland. Go to http://nuff.org.uk/factfile/ (Naturist UK Fact File) for all info York Maize Maze will be holding an event later this month, open to the public
  7. Can anyone help me? I am trying to trace a copy of British Steel magazine ‘Steel Manager’ from the mid 70’s. During the troubles of the 70’s when Monty Finiston was trying to close the steelworks, I wrote an article which was published under the title of ‘The parable of the great arc’. If anyone can help, I would much appreciate it.
  8. Just remembered name of land lady who had Crosspool Tavern in the 60’s, it was Vera
  9. I used to frequent the Sportsman at Crosspool when Ernie had it. Besides the singer, they had a pianist. I think he was called Terry Spivey??? Friday nights was youth club night at St Columba’s and we nip across to the Tavern. Can’t remember the landlady’s name but her barman was Nelson and he would walk around Crosspool with the pub parrot on his shoulder. The parrot had the run of the bar and finished most nights falling off the bar.
  10. Bill Hofmann had the Sportsman at Lodge Moor in the 70’s. I worked for him until 1979 when I took the New Inn in Chesterfield
  11. Hi, Dad worked for Twist Drill, he was Bob Cliffe. He was santa at the kids do.
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