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  1. Any left turning vehicle should only cross the cycle lane when it's safe to do so. As already said, mirror signal manoeuvre, it's basic stuff. ---------- Post added 22-11-2015 at 22:55 ---------- Is a cyclist filtering through traffic if they are cycling in the cycle lane ?
  2. Are you sure it's not an increase of $150,000 million which would be $150 billion. Which when the top 85 are worth $2,200 billion give or take the odd billion. ( $2,200,000 million or just over 2 UK billion ) An increase of $150 billion sounds more realistic than 150,000 billion.
  3. That would be Russell Brand who enjoys his suites at the Savoy, butlers to help with the shopping, premium class travel, tax avoidance schemes to get funding for movies, say the words tax avoidance and starbucks and the usual suspects start frothing at the mouth and yet they take Brands word as gospel.
  4. Yes a good boss / business invests in there staff, treats them well, rewards them and makes them feel like they're important. So money can be one part of an overall package of things to make staff loyal to the business. Would you be loyal if the company you worked for treated you like a dogs body and made you feel like crap, maybe to the point it was effecting your health as long as they payed you a nice chunk of change each month. Money alone doesn't automatically equate to a more loyal member of staff it's only one possible part of an overall package of things.
  5. As the Beatles sang " Money can't buy you love " I'm in no way convinced at all that better pay = a more loyal employee. I'm sure money may play some part but me personally and I'm sure for many other people it's not just all about the money.
  6. Could Walmart afford to pay its staff a minimum of $15, yeah I'm sure it can. This would though add billions and billions of $ to its yearly payroll bill. Should it pay it's staff a minimum of $15 is a totally different matter. Walmart creates entry level jobs for people who don’t have a lot of skills, these jobs don’t and really shouldn't pay lots of money. People might see figures of X amount of billions in profit but Walmarts margins are quite small, I think the business has a profit margin of around 3.5 maybe 4%. Not a huge profit margin is it.
  7. So apart from a good rant on here, what have you done, like contract SCC to raise your concerns about this event coming to Sheffield to highlight how much distress and inconvenience you think it's going to cause. I think there will more people enjoying this event coming to sheffield than there will be people who are in a state of distress.
  8. Just found this. http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/community/tour_de_france_coasting_into_derbyshire_2014/road_closures/default.asp Says Woodhead from Tintwistle all the way to the turn off for Midhopestones is closed from just after Midnight Sunday the 6th. So maybe things have just recently changed for an earlier closure. Also looks like some issues with closures on the A57 at the junction where it meets the Woodhead. Holme Moss Pass closed from 6pm Friday the 4th.
  9. Just been chatting with a friend of mine who's a policeman. Does seem a little OTT to close it from early saturday. Could see it closed from say 6am on the Sunday but I'm gunna see if he can show me something official stating it will be closed so early to traffic as I can't find anything posted online.
  10. From the sounds of it the Woodhead Pass between Tintwistle and Flouch roundabout will be closed to all non emergency traffic from early morning Saturday, the day before the race comes to Sheffield and then reopen late evening on the Sunday.
  11. Said most likely by people who have absolutely no idea how big of an event the Tour de France is. Some might say it's just a cycles race, some people also say the World Cup final is just a football match. It's the biggest sporting event Sheffield has seen in my life time so far and will be for a long time to come.
  12. Isn't there now a casino built below the cheesegrater car park.
  13. It's a shame many Americans haven't realized yet that the war on terror is destroying your own nation and so much more.
  14. There are plenty of smaller business jets that could land on a 4000ft runway. But if your wanting a true business / city airport, I think you need an airport that can accept a wide range of business jets. Everything from a Citation Mustang to a Citation X and Gulfstream IV and everything else in between.
  15. You're the one stating it's well documented, so you should be the one to link to these well documented facts. I'm more than happy to be proven wrong. ---------- Post added 10-12-2012 at 20:10 ---------- Please enlighten me what I am wrong about.
  16. How busy is quite busy and what are you calling your average business jet.
  17. Your average sized business jet just didn't land at Sheffield. It was really restricted to just STOL aircraft.
  18. Current runway length at Sheffield is 4000ft give or take a few ft. The runway would need to be extended at least another 1500ft if any sort of business charter service was to take place at a reopened airport. Your average Gulfstream / Learjet business jet aircraft needs 5000ft + of runway to take off. Businessmen are not going to want to fly from Sheffield to mainland Europe in 3 / 4 seater Cessnas flying at 150mph. They will want business jets like Gulfstreams that fly as fast as regular commercial aircraft do and I'm not sure there is enough room to extend the runway by that amount.
  19. But reading the petition it is saying things like............ One of the features that unites these target growth sectors is that they all rely on international links with the major European centres of commerce and technology in order to reach customers, suppliers and partners. In the past Sheffield City Airport facilitated daily shuttle services to European capitals: services which were demonstrably viable in commercial terms. That comes across as sounding like wanting commercial flights linking Sheffield to major European cities and not just the odd 3 seater private Cessna useing the place. Bucket n spade flights stick to Robin Hood and flights to major European cities operating from Sheffield City.
  20. Sheffield doesn't need a commercial airport within its city boundary. There is a perfectly good airport in Robin Hood, all Robin Hood needs is for a railway station to be built and a link road to the M18. Airlines arnt exactly flocking to Robin Hood, so what makes people think they will come flooding into a reopened Sheffield. During its heyday how many airlines flew from Sheffield and what routes where available, if I remember right it was a handful of airlines with a select few routes, most of which where short lived. Amsterdam was most likely sustainable due to KLM having a large presence in the Uk regions to connect to their hub at Schiphol. A bit like why Emirates are able to fill 3 wide body aircraft a day to Dubai from Manchester including the A380. A huge chunk of them passengers will be connecting in Dubai to other destinations within the Emirates network. At it's peak Sheffield only had around 200 passengers a day departing from it. Saying all that, I think if a Sheffield Airport was to ever happen again it would be more suited as a general aviation airport, handling aircraft like Cessna 172 / 182's than it been a commercial passenger airport.
  21. Yes but it was all achieved through cheating on a epic scale. Of course back then doping was rife and some will justify his doping by saying "well everyone else was doped" But the thing is LA built up a multi million $ fortune all based on a lie. The lie been cancer survivor to multiple clean TDF winner. Yes he survived cancer but would he have won 7 TDF's as a 100% clean rider. Is it acceptable to raise millions of $ for your charity even if the whole back story you're useing to raise all this money is a lie.
  22. I don't think it's a case of Awwww poor Starbucks been picked on, why arnt people ranting on about Amazon and Google. If news reports are to be believed, those 2 multinationals are just as bad as Starbucks. I think JFKvsNixon has hit the nail on the head, Starbucks seem to be getting the brunt of the stick because it seems like around every corner you're confronted with the Starbucks logo and there's something more physical to protest against compared to Amazon and Google.
  23. Starbucks are taking most of the heat regarding paying corporation tax or lack of it and some might say rightly so. When are Amazon and Google going to take some flack, feels like Starbucks are an easier target to have a pop at compared to Amazon and Google.
  24. http://www.villatalk.com/index.php/topic/7664-carlos-tevez-wage-slip-leaked/ If genuine nice to see he's paying his fair share in tax.
  25. So basically we would tax revenue but if the tax take on any profits going down the corporation tax route would be bigger will take that chunk of money instead. What about a business that actually makes a loss for the year, would they still be required to pay tax on revenue. For example, let's say a Sheffield based business had revenues of £20 million but its been a tough year and they make a small loss of £150K, would it seem fair that the taxman send them a bill wanting a £400K payment, 2% of £20 million.
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