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  1. Heard today that Chesterfield have sold 350 tickets?
  2. Definitely not a penalty in 2nd half, Billy was playing for it and went down way too easily in my opinion.
  3. Give him time, won't be long! Wait until I set up Welly TV!
  4. Reporter probably got Swindon mixed up with Seville, easy mistake to make!!
  5. There's no justice in this world, or at least there wouldn't be if you found some Tartan Special!!
  6. What was crowd, I'm in Toronto so missed game
  7. Used to watch Bitter Suite and New Jersey Turnpike as much as I could in those days!!
  8. What are you interested for, they don't do Tartan Special!!
  9. Return of the frantic 4 in Manchester was one of the best gigs I've ever been to. RIP Rick
  10. Went in on Friday, not too bad at first impression. £3.50 for a can of Beavertown Porter, not sure how much experience the 2 owners have got in the trade when I had to ask for a glass to be greeted with the reply, sorry we are learning together but good luck to them, I hope it works out!
  11. I've seen Lurgh Moor in about 7 or 8 pubs
  12. For God's sake please don't tell me you are thinking of making a comeback
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