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  1. I've been not far from it for 60 years as of July and it's allus been Parsons Cross round here
  2. They aren't really escalators in the sense they have steps so it's really just like a long ramp when it's not working,
  3. An amazing turn out for our Rossy. It all went well and there was so many tributes read out from the lovely folk on here. Thank you to Curriechick, Potlegs, Bushbaby, Zakes and all other forummers who joined me and Den to give our special guy a great send off. We love and miss you Joe. Den and Lin
  4. Ignore my last post, the poster has been removed
  5. No more than we loved him, especially those of us who were privileged to meet him. What he contributed for Lillie and the champagne he sent when Joto came over from Canada were testament to a special person. A gentleman passed this way
  6. Harry Ramsdens is overpriced and rubbish. When I was a child in the early 60s and went to his original shop it wasn't a money making racket
  7. What do you call this then? Think you ought to consider the poor mans family might be reading some of this drivel
  8. Why people arguing about a subject we should be united on. The condemnation of the scum within our society
  9. OP seems to have vanished but if they really want any job, what's wrong with sales? Think they are too picky without any work experience and it would be the same whichever town or city they went to
  10. There's two at Ecclesfield, One down Hillsborough (Coopers), one at High Green (Boswell & Jackson).
  11. The times we had being welcomed into Joe's home like we we were part of the family by Joe and Sue will always stay in my heart Denise. There are no other words I can say right now except love to Sue and family
  12. I have no words to explain how I am feeling at this moment. All our love and condolences to Sue and Joes lovely family. A gentleman passed this way. Love from Den and Lin
  13. Don't give up your day job in favour of being a comedian
  14. It's already Green King I think and it's not been a nice pub for a long time
  15. They are coming to take me away ha ha - Kim Fowley
  16. There are always jobs in retail. Have you tried joining an agency? TBH you sound a bit negative. Most places advertise online. Go to jobcentre plus
  17. It will be taking off at the Bournemouth Airshow on 23rd Aug
  18. Why is everybody suddenly commenting on threads that are 5 or more years old?
  19. You are commenting on a thread that is over 4 years old
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