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  1. Covering face with Burkha is not part of belief or everyone in that religion would wear it. It's a choice and outlawed in many countries. Comparing it to vegetarians being served in McDonalds is silly. Customers just ask for what they want, they don't say I'm a vegetarian before placing their order. The concept of being able to see someones face should apply to all in this climate
  2. Think OP was just after sightings not speculation
  3. The 1 and 1a have improved. The route is not any longer than it was before. The 1a has always gone round Firth Park and now takes less time to get to town as does the No. 1. Why don't you walk into the Wicker
  4. Ian Kelly Halifax Road 01142852480 or 07976265034. He will collect your car if necessary, do the work and bring it back. Top bloke
  5. I think it's a plagiarised version of the Hound of the Baskervilles by a little known Sheffield author and starring Jeff Goldblum
  6. Oisin has had time to reflect and he has every right to claim if some twerp thinks he can assault somebody and get away with it. To be fair Clarkson admitted he was an idiot but that doesn't make the violence right. If you had been assaulted in a pub because the kitchen was closed you'd want recompense, why should it be any different because he is famous
  7. Righto, clearly you don't understand what I've written so I giive in, bye
  8. I said they had to break in first, most car alarms would go off ---------- Post added 09-11-2015 at 18:12 ---------- Oh and BTW putting it on open forums will give some scroats ideas
  9. How did they log in to diagnostics without getting into car because whenever I have had this done they have had to get into car first
  10. They would need to be in the car to do that and how would they drive it away without hot wiring it, sounds a bit far fetched
  11. The 1 and !a have always run on the same route to High Green as far as I know. The 1 was formerly the 87 and the 1A formerly the 75, not aware of much of a time change on either route
  12. I have rung 101 on few occasions and always got straight through
  13. I don't know where you normally dine but I have been in a few sizzler pubs, notably the Norton, and they are brilliant
  14. And 25% you get no car. What do you do then? I've found city cars very reasonable and I've not been in a dirty car either. I've never had any trouble getting a City car apart from when it was bad snow. That's a 99.9% record.
  15. You are required to report it to your insurance company whether you claim or not. Read your documentation
  16. 75% is a crap statistic, Mercury/City are much more reliable than that and we use them a lot
  17. Sainsburys is out of place in Wadsley Bridge, most shop at Lidl or Asda TBH
  18. Well the 75 hasn't changed. They are still scheduled every 10 minutes but they are still turning up every 20 minutes and two at the same time LOL
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