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  1. Lets get this in perspective - this man openly waged war on the police who are doing their job preotecting us. What should we do? All these do gooders who seem to know the rights of the criminals have yet to tell any of them the wrongs. Lets start putting the onus on the rights of the victims, the honest, law abiding citizens who would like to walk the streets safely. This man chose to take his own life after killing an innocent man - money is not the issue- the issue is the people living in that area can sleep easy tonight:?:
  2. Our dad made us one many years ago:hihi: and dare I say it it was a transformer ( Not the robot type) In summer it had wheels and when the snow came undo a few bolts and take the wheels off it beceme a slegde having runners beneath:hihi: The best of both worlds:thumbsup:
  3. Sky edge was part of my paper round from shaws on manor lane me being a wybourn lad . I remember the day well when I turned on Sky edge from manor lane the wind had been blowing most of the night before and was was still gusting strongly but thanks to my bag full of paper I was well anchored. The sight of prefabs that had blowen in was a very big shock and I remember looking for the numbers so I could deliver the papers . I walked past one that was flat and a gust of wind come even with my paper bag full I was bowled over and over and landed in the hegde across the road and hearing a great tearing sound as the prefab behind me fell in that scared me s--tl--s a man shouted ar-rite lad thay better get home. I went back to shaws with my bag still full and the look on his face as I told that I could not deliver them as there were no houses to deliver them to . He still paid me for the round and my paper bag was never agian as full as before the gale.:o:o
  4. hi Dave Nice to hear from you - still miss the rebuild lot. See Simmo and Mick Norton now and again in Morrisons. Still in touch with Pearl and Gail. I'm working in a call centre at the moment - been there nearly 6 years. What are you doing these days? Linda
  5. the Walker brothers - the lights of cincinatti the seekers - the carnival is over both tear jerkers for me:nod:
  6. My old Dad used the soapy water from the washing up bowl spayed on his plants and it seemed to work. If we were to eat any we just rinced them in cold water and thay were fine. It worked on Greenfly as well
  7. Don't bother reporting it unless you catch them in the act because nothing will get done. I know who stole my greenhouse which was waiting to be assembled in my back garden and was given to me by lifelong friends and the family of the old lady who had lived next door to me all my life. This was not visible from the road The witness I had would not give information to the police so the low life got away with it. It wasn't the monetary value that <removed> me off just the fact that it had been gifted to me.
  8. Morning Joto Hope you're well. It looks as though I've been adopted as an auntie as well. hope he's got plenty of money but then we keep getting disowned by rich people don't we? What page is the I'm bored section on? Speak to you soon by email
  9. I did mean the one across from the old police station but I'm not that old that I can remember Ernie Whitham but maybe the older end still called it that when I was young and it stuck. I still call Ecco the village just as did when I was at school. It hasn't really been a village since they built the Minster Road estate and that was about 1964 because I was a bridesmaid that year for my cousin and she moved into one of the brand new houses and she still lives there.
  10. Graham is a friend of mine from schooldays. His Mum was called Betty and his dad Jim. Graham had four sisters and a younger who brother still lives in the family home. Graham has 2 grown up sons now. I used to take him and Roy Bunker to the football match as when I was a teenager his sister was my best friend:D
  11. Have it on good authority that it was Connaught who did those houses, so I apologise madowl if I got a bit shirty Extaxman, did you used to go travelling to Australia? We are still puzzling who you are.
  12. Think the fruit and veg shop which was more like a tin hut was Whithams but wouldn't like to bet on it Its a long time ago:hihi:
  13. No, can't be Martin he often came to Knutton and extaxman didn't know me - Linda
  14. I was with rebuild for 3 years and they had to answer to Sheffield City council clerks of works and any complaints would have been dealt with by their Chief clerk of works and we would have incurred penalties. Did you report all these faults at the time before your house was passed by Sheffield City Council? Found out since from reliable source that it was Connaught that did the first phase, so if I got a bit shirty Madowl, I apologise. I loved working at rebuild and made some good friends
  15. The people who worked at rebuild were not cowboys, there were two firms carrying out repairs- rebuild and frank haslam milan. I worked on reception and we had hardly any complaints. Gail who was tenants liaison officer and Brian who did the job before her were great people and very conscientious and thorough. If you had any complaints she would have sorted them out for you. If you had ever been made redundant through no fault of your own you would think twice about posting a reply like that:D
  16. Hi I was receptionist at Knutton Road and when it was near the Ritz on Southey Hill. Pearl is a good friend and I still keep in touch. Gary Brothers set me on. Do you remember the white rat that Chris Kirby found in a garden and we called him Wordsworth because he was found on Wordsworth Avenue and we got a large tank to keep him in at work but when Gary came back off holiday he made us get rid of him so Ryan Fisher took him home. There were some great people at Parsons Cross site. Pearl, Brian, Doug Dearden, Graham Bell, Simmo who I see occasionally in Morrisons, Skippy (Dave), Mick Norton, Lutz (Dave Luttrell), Dave Bryan. Extaxman Are you Terry Griffiths or Graeme Hall? Linda
  17. Hi Joto Which of our lot thinks you act blonde, we come from a highly intelligent family. In fact I could write my own name by the time I left school and it was a good school. In fact it was so good it was approved!!!:huh:
  18. In the early 60's I like Quicktocall spent sometime around the manor lodge and went down into the tunnel but I went about 150 yard before it was bricked up the tunnel was wet and in a very poor state the word was that it was unsafe and was to be filled in. ps Don't go up there at night the white lady will get you
  19. The senior mistress was Miss Cross I think. I was recently in Burncross cemetery in search of my great grandads grave when I found Miss Cross's. My great grandads grave is to the left of the chapel as you come through the gates and Miss Cross's is straight up towards what looks like a single parking space next to a wall and is about 2 or 3 graves up. I was at Ecco from 1962-1966 and my maiden name was Theaker Linda Thompson:D
  20. Wards,Windles,Turners,Bullimores,Masons,Briggs,Deakins,Roberts,Wilds Owens,Taylors,Smiths,Zumwalts and many more I cant think of as yet went to school with most of them. I lived on saunders Road From 1951 to 1993 and went to wybourn school from 1955 to 1966 . Gone are the days folk looked out for each orther as we did then
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