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  1. Why are you worried about putting her in same kennels she's been in before without any problems?
  2. Why don't you message Joiner Andy, he is brilliant
  3. http://search.tb.ask.com/search/redirect.jhtml?action=pick&ct=GD&qs=&searchfor=buolding+ombudsman&cb=Z7&p2=%5EZ7%5Exdm711%5ETTAB01%5Egb&qid=5662e011cc3e406ea6abf0673c5f6281&n=781af389&ptb=5740238B-773A-4A3F-B18A-C80583D18E14&si=Google_GWL_UK&pg=GGmain&pn=1&ss=sub&st=tab&tpr=tabsbsug&redirect=mPWsrdz9heamc8iHEhldEZhXx5rchgTaeV6qO7qJLxo%2BfKU4NegzFo%2B10JK%2B5HUgRB85Z9hdz7iUjnhJ9tC4wkE%2Fheky4uMXn6ewBVWPtLlsrl6kfawHw3Al%2Bf7joRYB&ord=3&
  4. No probs Dave ---------- Post added 08-04-2015 at 18:16 ---------- Davegas Big Sexy Doug Den Lin Don 4001 Kevin Dave Graham Graham plus 1 Graham plus 2 Graham plus 3 Mr Hinks Hobbo Brian P Liam Steve H Chris412 Scottgas Dave Weightman Brad Croft Daz Woodhead Logan Hutchinson Ian Denbo Kevin Webster Rob Ridgeway Richard Denning George Denning Baz Rope Access Bradley Shaw Pete Hopkin Les Crothers ---------- Post added 08-04-2015 at 18:22 ---------- Anybody else?
  5. Buy a belt the size you want or a bit longer and then take it to the cobbler on the High Street in town near Cavells and ask him if he can change the buckle
  6. :clap: Yes I got back in touch with my cousin Joto through here although we never completely lost touch. Not sure whether she thinks it was a good thing but she can blame Den as he found the forum :hihi: Seriously I am glad because I have also found the best of friends though SF
  7. Have a look at Butterthwaite Lane in Ecclesfield where years of trundling lorries and no repairs are taking it's toll as the council think it's an unadopted road even though it has a street name
  8. Put the fishing tackle away H, thy's hooked enough now.
  9. there used to be one at Thorpe Hesley ---------- Post added 07-04-2015 at 14:04 ---------- http://search.tb.ask.com/search/redirect.jhtml?action=pick&ct=GD&qs=&searchfor=caravan+storage+sheffield&cb=Z7&p2=%5EZ7%5Exdm711%5ETTAB01%5Egb&n=781af389&qid=55132ba5a37e40b0b3d1ba26bcaf6379&ptb=5740238B-773A-4A3F-B18A-C80583D18E14&si=Google_GWL_UK&pg=GGmain&pn=1&ss=sub&st=tab&tpr=tabsbsug&redirect=mPWsrdz9heamc8iHEhldEXZ9Jj1oGxdt639TWJtv09DKjA1XUk%2BUIUVUFX%2BRDOdRSgKu%2FDUm2OGpJLdjokggNHYCPs7NP294z%2BSnXH%2FhN0dQpSBV1CBJyrkYqSEpx3Ud&ord=4& ---------- Post added 07-04-2015 at 14:06 ---------- Looks like there is one at North Anston from above link off google
  10. Talking of not judging on appearances I saw a guy on the Judge Rinder programme who was the most tattooed man in England and immediately thought what a pillock. I WAS WRONG. He was a lovely guy who his so called friend had sponged off
  11. Radio One came on in 1967 not Radio Sheffield and the first record was Flowers in the Rain by the Move played by Tony Blackclock who ran grovelling to BBC after Radio Caroline got shut down. I used to be a member of FRA (Free Radio Association)
  12. Price and how long it will last?
  13. Go to Oldcotes Car boot sale on Sunday, you'll probably find loads
  14. What is the difference, silly buggers lined the streets on both occasions and what was the Royal Event 950 years ago anyway?
  15. Hope you can make it Mr Hinks, at least we hope we will see you on the day. Also many thanks to Black Hills Airsoft for donating two Day Passes for a day out at their centre ---------- Post added 06-04-2015 at 13:46 ---------- Anybody else?
  16. What are you on about 950 years? Victoria came to open the new town hall
  17. The royal person that came to Sheffield about 50 years ago was Princess Margaret in 1966 - she opened the new extension to the cathedral. I'd rather have seen Dave Berry LOL . He could have also been asked to give the 69 men and 69 women a quid each - total cost £178. Instead of which we are forking out of our taxes ageean ---------- Post added 01-04-2015 at 17:47 ---------- :clap:
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