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  1. Because that's what I'm asking for. I said this in my original post. ---------- Post added 10-05-2015 at 07:44 ---------- Thanks Anna B. It does help somewhat and it has given me more information on the whole NHS situation. The general consensus I'm feeling however is that people are in fear that this will happen and yes I agree that if we don't stop it then it'll be too late to do anything about it. But (please now excuse my ignorance/lack of knowledge here) the conservatives manifesto stated they will be spending £8 billion on the NHS. Isn't this a good thing? I know that the parties don't do everything they say but don't they deserve the right to be given a chance?
  2. Where what this view come from though? From what I have found factually there is nothing to suggest this will happen. Yes I understand our taxes may increase by the increased used of the contracts with private companies (how much I don't know but how much can it be?) but this hasn't happened, there's no facts to prove this will happen and ever will happen. Excuse me ignorance but if there are facts that prove this is going to happen them please show me. I must stress that I'm not For any party right now, I'm just trying to find the facts about who they are and what they really stand for. It seems people either Jump on the band wagon from hearing things fed to them from the media/social media or from friends and family without actually knowing any real facts themselves. ---------- Post added 09-05-2015 at 23:41 ---------- What makes you think we're going to "lose the NHS" can you provide facts to back this up? Rather than opinions?
  3. In what sense? The information I've found shows that contracts for treatment has been outsourced to private companies, improving healthcare in some cases (costly at times). But nobody has paid for this, apart from the NHS. Are you saying that due to the NHS paying more for the odd private service involment is going to increase our taxes hence "is paying for our own treatment"? Or are you Implying that everybody's everyday healthcare will be chargeable. E.g free at the point of use, followed by a nice bill for the treatment ? Like the U.S. If so, can you show me where I can see factual information to back this up?
  4. People of Sheffield, I need your help... I though about posting this on Facebook, but those people know me, and I know most of their opinions so I feel this would be a fairer place to ask. I'm not educated very well in the way of politics and I've sat back and watched/listened to all of the debates over the last few weeks eager to learn what it's all about and what it means for me, and my family. I understand how many parties there are and who they are. I understand that they all make certain promises on what they'd like to do if they come into power. There's a lot I don't understand however. I don't want an argument to start in this post. I'm simply looking for facts, not opinions on who's done what wrong or right etc etc. For Example: "we'll have to pay for our own healthcare, because conservatives are now leaders" this doesn't help me understand why people are saying this, it just looks like an opinion to me, the reasons/facts behind this statement is what I'd like to know. I'd really like to understand more about the following points. Please can you help me with facts to back up these points and educate me further! *NHS privatisation - What is this, and why is it bad? I've read that the NHS are selling contracts to private companies to provide care (which could be better care, but also costs). I can't see why we will have to pay for our own healthcare, is this because there will be an increase in tax due to selling NHS services to private companies? *The Rich will become richer and and the poor poorer - How? *The human rights act - What is this and what will it mean if it's abolished? *EU referendum - What would it mean to not be part of the EU? I see a lot of people saying they the disabled are going to be affected by thos result. But I've read on the internet that the government will be helping disabled people that can work, get in to work and people that can't will still receive help. I don't favour any of the main 4 parties, purely because I have no understanding of what they want to achieve or what they stand for. I would also be asking these questions of Labour won the election, as well as the SNP and Lib Dems too! I just really want to know the facts to help me understand our government and the changes they are going to make. Thank you for taking the time to read! Looking forward to your comments.
  5. There's loads of sites you can do this with. Another: Who.is
  6. I think it works well on the iPads, as they have bigger screens. But for iPhones it doesn't look that nice due to the icons being too big and screens being too small. That's my opinion. From an Android lover, ex apple lover.
  7. What "settings" did you play around with? Were these in the router? Have you done an actual speed test, if so what speeds are you getting?
  8. Pixlr Is great, it's like an online photoshop! And it's free.
  9. I didn't know that! Thanks Ignore my advise...
  10. Sorry, I don't know how to help with your problem, there may be an FAQ/help section for the new look. How did you get the new look?
  11. Try this, this should automatically get you into safe mode without F8. 1. Open the Start menu. 2. Enter “msconfig” (without quotes) in the box labeled Start search or Search programs and files (Windows 7). 3. Click the entry “msconfig” or “msconfig.exe” shown in the programs list. 4. Select the “Boot” tab. 5. In the “Boot options” section, check “Safe boot.” Also, make sure the radio button “Minimal” is selected. 6. Click “OK’ 7. Restart the computer
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