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  1. Solomon probably won't read that, he blocks most people that don't agree with his point of view, in a way I suppose he's blinkered, which would have helped when he was driving past the dazzling billboard.
  2. I thought the two free months were late December 1963, and the Summer of '69. Course, I could be wrong, it might be January by Pilot.
  3. G4S and Capita are rubbish companies.
  4. 'Increase in prostitutes'-Does that mean they are wearing bigger stiletto heels?
  5. Or use your sun visor to block out the light from the sign, like you do the sun...not really rocket science is it?
  6. Was it as boring as Bedrock's posts and threads.
  7. I once bought a budgie from one of those cheep shops, damn thing died.
  8. I distinctly remember when Kate was coming out of hospital after giving birth, William putting the baby seat in the car himself, then driving that car himself. I've also seen loads of photos of him driving himself. Like after they were wed he drove that Aston Martin himself. He does seem to drive a lot himself doesn't he.
  9. A bit late, but what would have been Roger Lloyd Pack's 70th birthday..and this is so called 'Call everyone Dave day'.... Alright Dave...
  10. At a guess, Id say its a lottery of which postcode you reside in, could you maybe have worked that out for yourself, or if you have internet access, googled it.
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