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  1. Can you put me on the list plz Jaap. I really enjoyed my 1st week!
  2. Hi, Can i sign up for tomorrow night. I am a newbie................looking forward to it tho. Can someone provide me with a postcode for the venue please.
  3. Thanks for both your comments. It is really useful to know. I think i will look at hillsborough and i have seen a couple of places a little further out.
  4. I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have got a new job in Sheffield and i am looking to relocate from Lancaster. There is a little urgency as my new job want me to have a hand over from the previous employee. As i will be on a 12 month contract i am only looking to rent. I have looked at the other threads concerning relocation and everyone seems to be asking about specific areas of Sheffield. I have no idea about how the city and suburbs are split up. At the moment i live in my own flat with my cat. I am keen to have a little outdoors space but understand that i may have to compromise. I am mid twenties but not that bothered about having a pub close by (not a fan of sitting on my own propping up the bar!). I like to have a newsagents for that emergency pint of milk etc though somewhere near by. My new job is based on Longley Lane but i will be travelling all over so i am not sure whether i am too bothered about being really close to L. Lane. I drive and am looking for a relatively quite area. Somewhere that i can wander out in the evening (pub/park where ever) and not be worried about getting jumped. I am sure that seems quite a lot but i am pretty flexible. Can anyone let me know what sort of areas might be suitable and absolutely ANY info/advice for setting up in Sheffield would also be greatly received. Thanks
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