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  1. I walk around this area and it's absolutely FINE.
  2. Evening Please could I put my name down. Thanks Claire
  3. Can I put down a tentative sign up pending work and knee!! Thanks Claire
  4. Wednesday 1st February Exploring IBS and Digestive Complaints Irritable Bowel Syndrome is uncomfortable and can be disabling. Many people are given this diagnosis of exclusion with a range of advice from eating more fibre to being prescribed anti-depressants! However, what really is IBS and are there any factors which both contribute to and exacerbate this condition? Come and find out some answers and explanations in this free IBS information session at The Orchard Centre, Westbar Green, Sheffield. Please note, this session is not just for people who have been diagnosed, it is for anyone experiencing tummy trouble and disruptive bowels!! Wednesday 1st February, 7.30 – 8.30pm. Cost- none! Feedback from previous sessions- “The holistic approach of total health really makes sense” “Thanks for the talk, it made things a lot clearer, especially for my mum who’s trying understand me and how I’m affected” “I really enjoyed the evening” Booking is Essential. www.sheffielddigestiveclinic.co.uk
  5. there is pure enough at bannercross http://www.pure-enough.co.uk
  6. Has anyone used or can recommend a telephone answering service? Thanks!
  7. Not absolutely sure I can make it but put me down and I'll let you know if I can't Cheers Claire
  8. Were the pipe goes into the back of the cooker, there does seem to be some sort of knob, do you reckon this could be it?? Should I turn on one of the rings at the same time? and many thanks for the replies!
  9. Hello All This morning, there was a fault on my boiler but I re-pressurised it and it appears to be ok. However, this evening when I've tried to use my gas cooker, there doesn't seem to be any gas coming through. Any gas people out there have any hints or suggestions as to what may be happening! Thanks
  10. Hello I'm introducing a new series of workshops beginning with a Digestive Health Workshop in November and then beginning the new year looking at Modern Detox Approaches (as used in clinical nutrition settings)....loads more to come in the New Year too! Workshops & Events
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