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  1. I really just want some beer money to tied me over until I get paid, got a mates gig on Thursday and have 60p to my name so wanting to get shut of it all pretty quick. There are about 8 coats some double breasted with big furry collars that range from 10-14 theres a green suede skirt and a over the knee black pencil skirt.. erm some red shoes. Your welcome to come and have a look and make me an offer for anything you want.

  2. I have a couple of boxes of vintage coats, dresses and other bits and bobs such as suede n leather skirts ranging from size 8 to 12. I meant to sell them on ebay but I just never seem to have the time. I'm moving house next week and would like to get shut. Does anyone know of vintage or thrift shops that buy this kind of stuff? I'm not looking for a fortune 30 quid or so for the lot.

  3. Hello, I'm from Grimsby so know I fair amount about Cleethorpes! You can take a direct train about once every hour, it takes roughly and hour and a half depending on if you get the fast or slow. Very simple! Check the national rail site for details. There are lots of new fancey cafes that have opened up too as well as the usual ropey fish n chip places. Good to just wander along the sea front and nip into the arcades!

  4. oh best songs have got to be This Charming Man, Boy with a Thorn in His Side, Real Around the Fountain, but my absolute favorite is Heaven Knows I'm Misrerable Now makes me howl with laughter! especially 'I was looking for a job and then I found a job and heaven knows I'm miserable now!' Spot on Mozza. Got to see him at Doncaster on the Suedehead tour and in Dec at Brighton. Both were ace and I ended up in floods of tears, for my lost youth more than anything I think!

  5. I'd check out Melbourne too if you can - fantastic city and great if you like live music and a bit of culture. I lived there for a year and had an amazin time! Also it should be a bit cooler than the rest of Aus in Jan so might give you a break from the heat. Other thing I would say is do break your flight if you can, I did on my return and it was much better. Have a great time, I'm very jelous!

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