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  1. Thought I would restart this thread as some thieving idiot pinched all my wheel trims from my vauxhall corsa (2010 model) in the early hours of Sunday morning. What's more worrying is that each hubcap had 2 cable ties on so whoever has taken them was well prepared and equipped to pinch them. This happened in the S8 area of Sheffield on Jordanthorpe, so just a heads up to everyone in that area.:rant:
  2. I'd never run it down completely,if I think the lights going to come on I go straight up the petrol station. My car has a full service every 12 months which should hopefully keep on top of things. Thanks again for everyone who has posted,it's put my mind at ease ?
  3. Thank you for the advice,I never let it get past the red box on the gauge,but wasn't sure if that would be classed as running on empty? Glad you've mentioned you have a corsa like myself and have never had problems.
  4. Evening, Could any mechanics answer me a simple question please? as I've heard different stories on this subject. If I let my fuel gauge get down to near the reserve light then fill the car back up,does this cause long term damage to my car? Eg: sending all the rubbish through the fuel filter/pump and clogging the engine up? Should a certain amount of petrol be left I the tank before filling up again? I never actually let the light come up but it gets near. I drive a Vauxhall corsa petrol 1.4 Any advice would be great thanks
  5. Evening, Couldn't find a thread already for this so thought I'd start one. Went for a panini on my lunch last week,and have always used Munchys on Chapel Walk, however the shop was closed. Went again today and shop is still shut,just a notice on the front saying 'closed until further notice'. Just wondered if anybody knew why it has closed suddenly or if it will re-open in the future? Missing their paninis ?
  6. According to the BBC travel website A57 snake pass and woodhead road are currently closed due to snow.
  7. Think you may be right a lot of the independents shut at lunch today, many thanks for your help
  8. Hi, Could anyone recommend a garage open today (afternoon time) that can do wheel balancing/ tracking? have searched other threads but couldn't find any recent info. many thanks
  9. oooh i'll give that a try tomorrow.thanks for that.x
  10. thank you for the info, i've got it in the garage next week so i'll mention the above to the mechanic.x
  11. hi, I have a 2004 vauxhall corsa, my central locking works fine on my doors as normal but recently it has stopped working on the boot. I can only open the boot with the key and it is becoming a nuisance. Can anybody shed any light on what could have caused this problem? I really want to avoid taking to a main vauxhall dealer. any information will be appreciated. many thanks.x
  12. hi, the place is called Bestfit Tyre Centre and their number is 0114 2737175. I've used them before when i had a puncture and they were really helpful.
  13. that sounds ideal actually because i find when its quite cold,thats when my knee pain gets worse.
  14. thats awful,it really is hard to diagnose knee problems, and when your knee gives way i can sympathise with that. It might be worth going back to your gp and pushing for an mri scan,thats what i did and the mri picked up what x rays had failed to in the past.it got to the stage where i thought i was going insane because i was in pain but x rays were showing nothing
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