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  1. I bet that's good! Sadly needs to be walking distance from the Cathedral though...
  2. My friend loves the ones at Ritas Pantry, but hates the fact they only do them on Fridays! Is there anywhere else anyone can recommend for the other weekdays?! Thanks in advance!
  3. Season 1 is now available included in Amazon Prime
  4. Thanks Lauren First time parents here, so we want the pram for... um... however long a baby needs a pram for?! Haha! No idea! I've found a travel system online that looks great and is a bargain but nowhere seems to stock it for me to have a look, and people have been warning me not to buy something I haven't been able to play with first. http://www.icklebubba.com/pushchairs-and-travel-systems/stomp-v2-travel-system (They sell this in Costco for £299)
  5. I would like to go have a look at some baby travel systems this weekend (car seat/pram combo). Does anyone have any recommendations? We are expecting in January and need to get an isofix base, isofix compatible car seat, and compatible pram. Is there a big factory outlet near Rotherham?
  6. Try http://www.bed-and-biscuits.co.uk/ - if they are not free they will also be able to give you contact details for other home boarders.
  7. We got married at Cubley Hall and I would thoroughly recommend it. http://www.cubleyhallweddings.co.uk/ https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=cubley+hall&safe=off&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAmoVChMIruawy_fYyAIVitIaCh344g3t&biw=1920&bih=955 It was a beautiful place with great food and suprisingly good value! Lots of nice opportunities for photos inside & outside. They have max 70 guests for the wedding meal and I think we were about 150-180 for the evening buffet & disco. You can get married outside on the bandstand overlooking the countryside or inside the rustic barn (we had iffy weather in the morning but then it cleared so we were able to get married outside after all - they can turn the room around in about an hour if you need to change your mind!) There was a florist nearby to the venue which Sandra (Cubley Hall's wedding planner) recommended. They were really cheap compared to others I saw.
  8. Thanks for all these tips, we are expecting our first baby in January do finding this all very helpful
  9. I was about to recommend La Luna too! Absolutely delicious, and BYOB every night inc Saturdays. http://www.laluna-restaurant.co.uk/ We ate at Bella Napoli recently, never again! It was probably the worst meal I have had in years. Terrible food and inept service. Very confusing because they had some good reviews on Tripadvisor :/
  10. I think it depends on the circumstances. For example, I have a colleague who recently moved house about an hour's drive away from the office. Therefore, that adds an extra 2hrs to his time away from home per day, (and now he has small children) but you can't blame the office or expect him to work shorter hours than anyone else, as that was his choice. On the other hand, I have another colleague who has a meeting near Haslemere today. That is at least 4hrs drive each way, so she will have done an 8-hour day before she's even started, plus however long the meeting lasts. Now I think that her journey should be counted as 'work time' because she is being sent somewhere 4hrs further away than she usually works.
  11. Aww bless you. I see people 'walking' their dogs in alternative ways quite a lot at Graves Park, and I think it's wonderful that they are still getting out even when they can't walk properly. Walkies are for interesting sights/smells and fresh air too. There are some people who use prams, and some people who are on mobility scooters themselves who let their elderly dogs sit on their lap or in a special basket. I've even seen someone with a recovering Great Dane which had a specialised trailer as it was obviously far too big for a pram! I would guess that it might be cheaper to get hold of a second hand pram than a specific dog stroller? Maybe try Gumtree or the classifields on here?
  12. Have you tried putting his details on Doglost? http://www.doglost.co.uk/ It generates posters, and sends an email out to everyone in the area (who is registered) to keep an eye out.
  13. They sell fresh turmeric root at Zed on The Edge, a health food shop in Nether Edge (S7 1RU)
  14. Try Bed & Biscuits: http://www.bed-and-biscuits.co.uk/ or The Dog House: http://www.doghouse.net/ Both in Nether Edge (S7) If they are not free on your particular dates, they can recommend others for you.
  15. Second vote for a burger press here. I used to make burgers by hand & they fell apart, Now I have a burger press and don't add any binding agent whatsoever.
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