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  1. Could anyone advise or answer my question? started using a Ecig,shisha type pen thingi, after a few uses,refills of the e-liquid, i keep getting a burnt taste, i haven't mixed the liquid's or let it run down to nothing, but recently bought a new battery that does seem to give me more of a kick when smoking it? I've bought 2 types of coils for it, on'e a sort and one is longer, I was wondering if there's any more e-cig smokers that could give me advice on better products and where to buy?
  2. hi would S4 be any good to you, i have a 2 bed on buckenham drive, it has garden all fenced of close to pittsmoor and town, easy transport links and local shops ,big tesco on spital hill
  3. Just wondered is there a certain rule for children at Ramadam ? The street i live on have Children running and playing about at 1.39am ? ---------- Post added 21-07-2013 at 01:43 ---------- Is it because they are eating late ???
  4. Artins on london road is very nice the owner is iranian and very friendly lovely resturant
  5. I'm needing a childminder that picks up from byron wood community school S4 area. my little girl is 3 and i'm wanting for school pickup till 5-6pm 3-4 days a week.
  6. Been a few times to Artins and i can say the food is very good, the tea is great too
  7. Area:BURNGREAVE S4 Type of Property: (House/Flat etc)HOUSE Number of Bedrooms:2 Landlord: (Council / HA) SHEFFIELD HOMES Any other information: lovely 2 bed end terrace of 3 house,has big kitchen and laundry room leading to back door, front room let in lots of sunshine, bathroom, bedrooms both the same size quite big, airing cupboard and also another storage cupboard with fits a full wardrobe and drawers in.big back garden,all fenced off and gate, close to schools,buses,new tesco on spital hill, town. Property Wanted Area:S5 SHIREGREEN,FIRTH PARK,PARSON CROSS Type of Property: (House/Flat etc)HOUSE Number of Bedrooms:2 OR 3 Landlord: (Council / HA)ANY Any other information:
  8. I need a mobile hairdresser for this friday for me and my daughter, i want hair extension's and a pin up depending on what it looks like and my daughter needs a colour and cut.please inbox me
  9. My daughters laptop has fallen to a police virus, and totally locked her laptop its just comes up with a page and the web cam turns on showing your face saying you are mis-using the computer and have to pay to get it unlocked. can anyone tell me if this is removable and how to do it please.
  10. Anyone know of what happened to the lady on the 75 bus this morning? i was a passenger on the bus that helped her, we were sat at the back and she was very shook up after the bus had to slam it's breaks on due to a old man crossing the road, not at the crossing may i add.
  11. yes she is neutered Medusa.
  12. Thanks for your advice we are going to take her to the vets. She's still being very vocal and not wanting to come into the house. Kept her indoors last night and she just meowed all night long, but this morning she was out playing in the garden and fine, but a male appered and he seemed young and started following her. she played for a while but then gave him a warning because he came too close.I went out and he ran off, but i'm thinking do cats come in season like a dog?
  13. also forgot to mention she has been sick a few times also
  14. ok so we have had our bengal female for about 6 years now, and she's become very scared and timid. it all started two days ago when my daughter took her out of her bedroom and she just started to scream( she has a very high vocal meow almost like a dog) so that night she stopped out all night which isn't normal for her, i came home from work and she was inside the nieghbours shed,which has a hole at the top which she uses to get in and out. but she would not come back into the house, she was just meowing very loudly as if she wanted to come in, but was scared to do so.... so it's been 3 days now and she has not eaten and is scared to go out of the house. Does anyone have any idea's on this situation???
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