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  1. He did daily updates during lockdown in Paulettes 's show they used to be around 12 .45 pm each day till around beginning of August
  2. Still nothing as regards Rony I thought there would be something in the Star if his show has been dropped
  3. Does anyone know why Parkers Jewellers is still closed? I haven't been on Hillsborough since before lockdown but my Husband says its still closed. I hope the staff and the owner are OK as I've gone in there years and got to know them well.
  4. Yes is there any updates on how Jimmy is now please?
  5. Thanks for replying . Where is that forum please ?
  6. She is still missing ,that's the last two years,I tried to ask Radio Sheffield if they could find out ,but they haven't rang me back .
  7. I saw that but other pubs in the same company are closed
  8. I have seen various articles regarding why Meadow farm is still closed ,but I have heard that at least two other pubs in the same company ,are also closed . Does anyone actually know the real reason why they are closed?
  9. Its the one that was Tony's Daughters and was previously in Castle Market It closed a few months ago ,and I wondered if it had reopened elsewhere?
  10. CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION FOXHILL FORUM WOLFE RD THURS DEC 15TH 11AM -2PM Free food ,make your own Xmas wreath with help from Monica Hewitt of Hillsborough,Xmas Carols.and a Xmas market.. If you would like to hire a stall please ring Rob on 2315522
  11. Please join us at Foxhill Forum Wolfe Rd on Thursday Dec 15th 11am -2pm. There will be chance to make Christmas wreath with Monica Hewitt of Hillsborough,free food,Xmas carols,and a Xmas Market. If you would like to book a stall please ring Rob on 2315522
  12. If anyone is interested in looking at an Avon brochure and wants to see the the many products on offer please PM me. I deliver to areas in S6 and 5
  13. I live in Foxhill and do areas surrounding.If any one sees something online I will get you the orders delivered free to you. Please PM me.
  14. Do they do cooked breakfasts and other hot meals? I take my Parents out regulary and to be honest it hard to get anything other than light snacks with Tea or Coffee,alot of people have missed the Co-op cafe where they could get meals like this. Hope they do.
  15. I heard about the changes thats coming it the new year and to be honest Im not surprised with how the stations been operating recently.I am a R Sheff fan and hate to say this but Ronys prog is all talk , and its not even got any items like antiques or consumer help etc, they all seem to be later now.I hope they will now look into changing back Ronys show to how it was before. Im am worried how R Sheff will keep its identity,when its sharing news etc with the other stations.It will be like the late night progs I suppose but the trouble is it could lose some of irs informality etc when this happens.It s going to look like they might has well call it BBC Radio Yorks .Is this the future I wonder? Im also interested in joining your forum.
  16. Is there a charge to fish Rivelin Dams between the fire station to the post office?
  17. Sorry about not getting back on this sooner. The new timetables are out now . Even I want to see the full details of the routes . We agreed at the meeting to meet again in the Spring to see how these routes are operating, I will tell the exact date nearer the time.
  18. Ive just seen the SYPTE site,and seen it on there. I really am shocked and pleased. Is there a timetable out yet?
  19. I still think its great news , at least there will be an alternative service ,and not just relying on the one bus turning up.Also dont forget Stagecoach is much cheaper than First .Competition is good.Plus hope it stops people standing in the aisles due to being so full.
  20. Thats great news . Is this official because I was only speaking to Paul Lynch on Thurs and I thought he was interested BUT NOT THIS INTERESTED.Hes sending 2 members of staff to our meeting .Ibet its to announce this. Thank you so much for telling us that. In response to the shortening of journeys if you look at the bus vision ,they seem to be going back to the more direct journeys. Which is the best answer to all the current probs .
  21. Thats the problems with lots of routes ,they are too long. Lets hope the rumours of routes being shorter in future are correct.
  22. TRANSPORT MEETING FOXHILL FORUM WOLFE RD TUES OCT 5TH 6.15P.M with local councillors and representatives from First and Stagecoach. The meeting will discuss the recent changes to 17 66 and 77 routes.
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