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  1. To order call 0300 123 1018 or visit http://www.nhs.uk/Change4Life believe this may help u
  2. I no the co-op at hartley brook has had one fitted, my mate's had it happen to her 2 days ago!!!! BE CAREFUL!!!!
  3. most of roads were in need of repair way before the bad weather, i admit it hasn't helped any but thats not just the cause, all they do is put a little left over tar in a hole and within a few hours its out again, so to me why waste the money doing silly little repairs cause in long run, its prob cheaper to just do the whole road, and if you live near monteney rd and drive on there you'll soon known what i mean!!
  4. I came off motorway today (jun 35) took first exit onto cowley hill, towards chapeltown, and the pub on the right behind the flower stall man there were at least 4 police cars all with dogs, anyone no what it was all about or see anything i went passed about dinner time!!
  5. Where i live they've taken up all the pavements (which had nothing wrong with them!!!) and re-surfaced all of them, then put new speed bumps all over the roads, without taking into consideration the state of the roads, as no one can speed on them as every few yards is a hole bigger then a football!!
  6. How come no matter what road you drive on in Sheffield, it's FULL!!! of bloody pot holes???? I drove to Rotherham yesterday and as soon as i got past the motorway roundabout (from Chapeltown) there were very little if any pot holes!!! How come every where has better roads then us??
  7. not sure now before you used to be offered 3 i think but now its all the bidding thing, just call a housing office and ask to be sure
  8. just to say hi to everyone and cant believe i've only just come across this place!!!! sounds greeeaatttt x x x:hihi:
  9. hi, i owned one 2 yrs ago and i found out that kingfisher at ingoldmells was one of cheapest as its council owned, all others are private and charge too much, make sure u find out about electric cost, amp usage, as some are very little and charge for up-grade, and water rates!!
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