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  1. Ignore them there the same on centertaiment I've had about 5 first one in 2006 still get fake solicitor letters today unless you have to pay to park on the grounds your not committing an offence so my advice is ignore them Oh never write to them as you are admitting the offence
  2. I think it's not far off price of racing a car. It's not as easy as just use a old mower lol if it was everyone would do it
  3. Just to help you out with you point DEFINITION OF A RACING LAWN MOWER Lawnmower racing is a form of motorsport in which competitors race modified lawnmowers, usually of the ride-on or self-propelled variety. The original mower engines are retained, but blades are removed for safety
  4. Hi all, As title suggests I'm looking for a field, pretty flat where I cAn test a racing lawn mower. There's no blades etc on it, but it can't be near houses as it's very loud. Looking for possibly something private, so the owner of the field knows we're there! Just needing to test it before the start of the race calendar. Thanks
  5. Hlw Keeble Hawson . Ask for Rosemary Downs.
  6. gutted to see munchies has shut down, been going there since I was a kid! I guess there's too many buttie shops around there now
  7. Sorry I forgot to say I own my house it's not rented, just the one next door is rented. Thanks
  8. We're currently getting damp/mould in one ceiling corner in our master bedroom which is the connecting wall to our neighbours. We've been told by the tenants next door they have bad mould in the bedroom where we are getting mould in the corner of our ceiling. Apparently the landlord had some work done when he first bought the house, and the led was removed from behind his guttering. We need to know if this is what is causing the damp in our room so obviously can try to make the landlord sort it, but if not what we can do. Can someone tell me who I can contact who can give me a definite answer where the damp is coming in. Thanks
  9. I've had my arai KTM helmet stolen from my house in S14. If anyone is offered this for sale please let me know. It's a size large, bright orange with a dark visor on it. Presume it's an opportunist thief and they've taken the first thing they've seen whilst I've had my back turned. The helmet was a gift and I'm devastated.
  10. Any recommendations where to take a Mercedes for a service please? Have been to Europa in town centre, but asking if anyone has any other recommendations please? Thanks
  11. Can anyone recommend a really good property seller please and roughly their fees to sell based on sale price of £85k.
  12. Hi all.. try http://www.hydracreative.com/ Local web design company, extremely good at what they do xx
  13. Mon-fri AM 47 queues all the way along Gleadless valley, past newfield green shops. Then queues down Richards Rd/prospect road all the way to queens road, starts way back up past the school Then queues along shore ham street, from before the mini round about at the SUFC ground. Takes an hour to get from 47 terminus to town in a morning!
  14. Do you know where I could buy a small amount of logs please? It's for a feature in a wall, not to burn - I don't need a huge bag full!only needs to fill approx 70cm x 50cm at the most Thanks!
  15. Any recommendations for funeral flowers in Sheffield? Also, any rough prices for either 'MAM' in flowers, or a bingo card, or a heart with a sash on saying 'MAM' Thanks
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