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  1. Lindrick Boarding kennels and cattery 01909 475825
  2. Hello all i am looking for volunteer dog walkers here at the kennels, we look after several huskies for huskies in need and they are all in need of daily walks unfortunately the charity can not afford to pay but i might be able to subsidise some fuel cost's Lindrick Kennels and Cattery near worksop 01909 475825
  3. Hi any one got any details about fishing the rothervalley lakes can you fish nights parking and rules etc
  4. i dont have any more info at the mo but will post a pic if available
  5. ouch nice idea but to far outta my reach in cost! joined the site though
  6. Just been reported to me a Black patterdale been lost at swallow nest Saturday the 29th around lunch time its about 12 years old and micro chipped
  7. well its my kennels the dogs are in so i guess we would be ideal location
  8. didnt know you could hire them thats worth thinking about who hires them out
  9. now i really dont know what to do but thanks anyway
  10. Hope you can help i am looking to improve my lens capacity for the Nikon we have a lot of wild birds around us and some quite special one i want to be able to zoom in and get good quality photos from about 40 yards the camera is OK but wont zoom in to that capacity any help appreciated so my question is what lens but i obviously will be looking to do it as cheap as possible
  11. try athletes foot cream it can clear up dog ear infections a treat
  12. well done Nigel it was a great day enjoyed by all lets hope the dogs get a new home
  13. try visiting lindrick kennels and ask for Richard (thats me) and lets discuss the issues and see what we can sort out for you 01909 475825
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