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  1. Mr and Mrs Smith used to look after me in the home in the mid 70,s to early 80,s.I went onto foster care long term but never forgot what they did for me.I visited Ida a few years ago and learned that sadly Bernard her husband had passed.Best days of my life was spent at 172 Reney avenue.Thanks to Mrs Hunt,Mrs Swan,Mrs Marsh who also took care of us all and not forgetting Mrs Goodchild the cleaner.Much love to them all xx
  2. Brian get in touch please look me up on Facebook under sam Bannister chesterfield
  3. Hello, Just seen this post.My mum's best friend was Doreen Thompson who lived on Minna rd,burngreave during the 70,s and 80,s.She had 3 son's,Melvyn,Marcus and mark I think was the 3rd.I remember her being married to Frank Thompson.My mum and Doreen lived together for years.Hope this helps
  4. I was at 172 reney avenue from 1976-1980.i lived with my brother,rashid.mr and mrs smith were in charge and other staff were,mrs hunt,mrs swan,mrs marsh and mrs goodchild the cleaner.other kids in the home were asif,paul and robert hobson,the white brothers,neil goring and a few others i cant remember their names.i knew diane and jamie johnson from the home next door,charles barnard,a lad called wombat.they were the best days of my life.going sledging down beauchief,golf ball finding.holidays to bridlington.did anybody know me.my name is hassan (was rahman) now bannister.
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