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  1. An easy one finally, the best headteacher was Mr Bashforth of Beck Road Primary. You can read about him here https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/tributes-paid-one-best-after-former-sheffield-headteacher-dies-aged-91-94881. A great man, well remembered, sorely missed.
  2. I met Jarvis twice, once way before they were famous at Sheffield Uni. I thought he was a nice guy. Years later i met him on Chapel walk, I shouted 'Jarvis' he said 'Alright' and stopped for a chat. Jarvis is everything Sheffield should be proud of. Alright.
  3. Funny how plug for the store came 3 minutes after the original post. Not a shameless marketing tactic for one minute......
  4. Anyone know what's happening down there? It looks quite serious.
  5. Easy, Marishells Ecclesfield. There is no equal.
  6. I moved from shiregreen to low edges. Bad move.
  7. Hello, I have small collection but would be interested in meeting. I have Talisman, Warlock of Firetop Mountain, War of the Ring, Civilization, Dungeon Lords etc....
  8. i got the dreaded "Our service is not currently available in your area, please contact us for scheduled installation dates." message that i've had on sky, virgin etc.. but thanks anyway.
  9. Thanks, not showing for me. Looks like i'm in for a long wait.
  10. I live in High Green and in my particular area am limited in choice with regard to broadband packages. I cannot receive the premium broadband services that many of my friends in other areas enjoy. Is this the same for the whole of High Green? Can anyone get Virgin cable broadband for instance? Anyone know if there are any plans for this to change?
  11. Does anyone remember Dr. Ridgeway from this surgery? Nicest guy you could meet....
  12. The only time a more expensive cable is needed is when you have a longer cable. This is when you obviously need more quality but it has nothing to do with signal as this is digital.
  13. Was it a legit version of windows 8, if so please list your pc spec
  14. I lived in Shiregreen for most of my early life, I only moved away two years ago. In my opinion there are only two negative points about the area: 1. It's true about the kids that hang round the shops but saying that in 30+ years they have never given me any trouble. (I think they are bored is all:) 2. On the positive side - A little known fact about Hartley Brook shops is it used to house the greatest 'Chippy' in the world...Queenies! Those were the days. Other than that I have never met a better bunch of people anywhere, and that goes from Beck road up to Gregg house (the whole area pretty much).
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