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  1. After all the cuts last year, is Bankwood Children's Centre still open for business?
  2. 123456A

    Book writing help

    7th November 1968
  3. the ladies hairdressers used to be on the upper floor 'Carole's' [Roger's wife] Barber owned by Walter Seagrave first, before Roger took it over.
  4. report it on fixmystreet.com
  5. They're closing. Staff have taken new jobs, apart from those running with current bookings to the end of the summer term. If you phone for guidance the advice will be to sign on with another agency. They aren't assisting schools with any new bookings. It's one cutback too far by the council......
  6. 123456A

    Bedroom on West St closing..

    Just driven past and only the barmen are in there.
  7. 123456A

    Percy riley corner

    http://grahamstevenson.me.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=481:percy-riley-&catid=18:r&Itemid=126 It's on the pavement at the top of Fargate, not on a building.
  8. If anyone wants to donate outgrown children's clothing, then the Children's centres are always grateful for clean pre-loved clothes. Especially waterproofs for outdoor play and jogging bottoms or trousers for when kids have minor 'accidents'.
  9. 123456A

    Richmond College 1975-1977

    Been away..... yes I do.
  10. 123456A

    Outstanding parking

    I don't write the laws
  11. 123456A

    Outstanding parking

    but this is Sheffield, not London.... 257. In London it is an offence to park on a pavement unless signs indicate that it is specifically permitted. Throughout the rest of the country there is no national law that bans parking by cars and small vehicles on the pavement.[212] A council wishing to ban pavement parking in a specific area can use Traffic Regulation Orders to this effect.
  12. 123456A

    Outstanding parking

    No, but it's illegal to drive on the pavement.
  13. 123456A

    3 words make a story.. join in !!(part 3)

    let's start again...
  14. 123456A

    History of Woolworths (The Moor)


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