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  1. Oh,Jane - I was so out of date And tattoos,I must say,I did hate:rant: But now I'm the goods Full of nuts,bolts and studs Would you like to become my new mate?
  2. hi patricia - no,my suppers still to come,is it not? How are you?
  3. Thanks for your response,Sir M. Hope to be a more regular visitor to this thread again soon - I'll get under somebody's skin,won't I? In the meantime I see it as my moral duty to do my bit to support the licensed trade for the next few hours,don't you think?
  4. Hi Capstan - indeed we have not but I'm sure that we'll correct that,won't we? And let's hope Sir M is back to full strength,innit?
  5. Oh,Whitewitch,my point you have missed Undergarments seem all in a twist:rolleyes: If I see it is proved That you've had them removed Then I may add your name to my list;)
  6. I haven't been on this thread for a week or three,have I? But i have picked up a few posts in the limerick lounge and would like to wish Sir M a speedy recovery - wouldn't I? Hope Lady T is keeping well;this community seems to cross all boundaries - quite extraordinary,isn't it?
  7. The questioner was asking about a chip -shop. Anybody running such a business at below VAT threshold levels would be rather foolhardy to voluntarily register for VAT. There is no input tax on materials to reclaim so he would simply be voluntarily giving away 7/47 of his turnover and hence his gross profit to the exchequer. Ask your accountant. His only reclaim would be input tax on overheads but this would,in most cases, be minimal.A butchers or greengrocers would receive a regular refund because they are not converting their raw materials into standard rate goods. Therefore it may benefit them to voluntarily register if the refund exceeds the administrative costs of preparing the return. A chip shop doing the same thing would be giving money away as virtually every sale (not breadcakes) is standard rate. The proprietor would have to have a very altruistic attitude towards the H M Customs to do this. Get it?
  8. I would love to be given a go To win money on Chris Tarrant's show And I'm not one to linger I would win fastest finger:D But no cash 'cos there's not much I know:huh:
  9. Hotpot - These lasses are all in a stew:mad: Don't think proper like me and like you:P It's like chavdom and bling This tatooism thing I'm Dev,my sweet,how do you do?
  10. I really can't say any more I don't want her to knock on my door:( But the chin had no stubble And the cause of the trouble Was the tattoo that no-one else saw:D
  11. i know that you think I'm bad news Live on fry-ups and take-outs and booze:gag: But one thing that I learned As my fingers were burned Never go with a girl with tattoos!
  12. So Jongo I'll cross off my list Whether sober,half-cut or quite drunk So after a bev It'll have to be Kevv:cool: And Jongo won't know what he's missed:P
  13. I can assure you that I'm pretty straight Even after one over the eight ..But let's not be too hasty Your pic is quite tasty Are you at the next meeting,my mate?
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