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  1. Sorry I don’t have the answer to this but just sent you a PM with what I know.
  2. I went through school with the last owner’s son. She sold last year. I spent a lot of time there as a kid and remember there were lots of interesting historic features. These included - what I now know is - a cruck beam which musr be at least a few hundred years old and elsewhere in the country that would be immediately listed. It’s a such a shame that the brainless morons employed by the planning department didn’t bother to check this out during the planning application as the cruck’s destruction will mean the loss of a really rare piece of Sheffield history. Anyway it’s been the planning department’s mindset to destroy all the city’s historic assets for decades now so this is no surprise to me.
  3. Birth-18 was S10. Leeds was 18-21 All over UK (south ) Was 21-32 32+ all over the world but mainly Asia Sheffield is still home though
  4. been all over since leaving Sheffield 18 years ago, the last 10 years outside the Uk mainly in Asia
  5. One very good reason to use a solicitor/legal exec/licensed conveyancer is that they will have indemnity insurance. The point Jeffrey tried to make at the start of this thread. You are therefore not just paying for the lawyer's time but also for the benefit of his insurance policy. If he b@lls up the transctions/misses something then you can claim against his insurance for the loss you suffer and will get compensation. Do the conveyancing yourself and you get no insurance. Your choice. I think when Jeffrey gave his a) b) c) d) examples those were examples of where someone without a qualified lawyer went wrong and where he was asked to put things right, not examples of where he'd missed things.
  6. Melbourne avenue is definately broomhill and not bromhall. I was very young at the time but remember the fear of the ripper.
  7. OP sounds like you're fed up with Pakistani and north Indian food which I think still dominates when it comes to "Indian" restaurants in Sheffield. I now live in the middle east amongst loads of indias/Pakistanis/neplese/bangladeshis/Sri lankans and now realise how much more there is to indian/south Asian food. I also travel to india very frequently. As others have said south indian/sri lankan food is very different from what you usually get in Sheffield. Southern/Sri lankan food is more veg or fish based and less stodgy. It's often spicier too. Saying you don't like Indian (or Chinese) food is the equivalent to saying you don't like European food. There are huge regional differences so try to test as many as you can. The most popular isn't always the best. That said I'm longing for some good british-indian nosh when I get home to sheff for xmas next week!
  8. Suggest that you ask your question on one of the expat websites for HK. There are loads so check for an active one to get a quick answer. From my frequent visits there, and knowing a couple of UK families, it will be a culture shock but is a very safe, family friendly place to live, plus an amazing climate. Good luck with your move.
  9. Usually not an issue until you have less than 35 years plus the length of the mortgage, so usually about 60 years. Varies from bank/building society to bank/building society. If you're getting close to that, as common in many London flats, you should be getting a discount on the price to reflect the cost/hassle of renewing the lease. It's nearly always possible to renew a long lease or a resi property or buy the freehold at not excessive cost.
  10. I'm in my mid thirties and remember them increasingly nostalgically! Remember long hot summers in the early 80s. At school they took us outside for lessons under a tree which I loved. Also remember very cold winters and very deep snow. With hindsight probably only deep due to my height. I remember walking to school in snow over my knees. We didn't have central heating at home til I was about 10 so can remember very cold mornings not wanting to get up for school! Very british I've just noticed I've only mentioned the weather...
  11. Read both telegraphs online for free. Just not the same as the proper paper for me. Times - I won't pay for their online edition. Star - don't bother. Miss the weekend editions most with all the supplements
  12. Sharp you obviously don't go near barkers pool on Friday/Saturday nights. There are usually a lot more flying pigs than cabs.
  13. Used to sign on there 10 years ago and was just the same then. The staff tipped me off to sign on Friday afternoons when most of the chavs are down the pub. Used to breeze in and out in 10 minutes. Helped that I went armed with my cv ready prepared and a list of companies I'd applied to each week. Help the poor staff there who have to deal with the worst of Sheffield day in day out then they might smile (no doubt with relief they don't have to speak to another no hoper)
  14. Sheffield telegraph (not the pile of * star), Yorkshire post, times, telegraph, independent (at a push) Nice to read the real news if like me you live in a 3rd world country where everything is censored and the govt control the local press. After a few years I've even become a BBC fan. They offer far more to overseas people than they do to licence payers....
  15. Not been but this sounds like a good addition for Sheffield, particularly the city centre. The one in Leeds is always busy and good, although very over priced. Been to bristol and bath ones too which were also good.
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