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  1. Yep, that's why I'm not holding my breath as to when the services will be back to normal. I realise that unexpected problems may happen but I'm not reight good at gazing into a crystal ball. Thanks again for your help, I'll just keep my eye on the site for updates. 👍
  2. Thanks stillf. Seems like we'll be rather stuffed for meeting kids from school/going into town at night/getting home from work in a reasonable time/doing shopping if you're infirm or don't have access to a car (52a stops running early evening and 61/62 are only every hour.) They've put a replacement service to serve Middlewood, which I realise is the tram route, but left us rather poorly served I feel. I don't suppose they've extended the 52a service to cover the evening services of the 31, that would have solved the deficit.
  3. Hi all. Can anyone tell me what is going to happen to bus services during the Hillsbro corner tram rail replacement? I can't seem to find any information about buses apart from the tram replacement ones. I live in Wisewood/Loxley and would love to know if our services are actually going to be able get us into Town or not. No use asking the drivers, they're as much in the dark as we are. Thanks for any enlightenment.
  4. Do any of you crafty folk out there have/know of an outlet to sell craft items for a percentage of the sale? I have loads of good quality, hand made cushions to sell but although people admire them at craft fairs they don't buy them for whatever reason. I'd love to find them a new home and free up some space. Any constructive advice much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I've been trying to find a contact for this event for ages to enquire about a stall booking, without success. It's probably too late for this year but it would be great to know who to contact next year. I live locally so it would be nice to have an opportunity in my own neighbourhood. Could someone pm me with a contact if possible pls?
  6. They were called the Shambollix. Really good punk band, haven't got Sound of the Suburbs out of my head yet. It can be a bit variable and yes it could do with some work doing on it but it's friendly and welcoming and they're really making an effort. The band was on downstairs but I suspect the floors upstairs are still creaky and dip here and there.
  7. Had a brilliant evening in the Three Cranes last night. Excellent punk band and nice beer at a reasonable price. (Unlike the extortionate price some places are charging now!)
  8. Hi folks Does anyone have any up to date info about baby/toddler groups in the Wisewood/Loxley area? I used to know what was happening in my area when mine were little but now I'm a grandparent I'm really out of touch. Cheers.
  9. Hi Folks. Is there any news out there about stallholders needed for Spring/Easter events yet?
  10. Sorry I couldn't be there this time, hope it goes well, sounds great.
  11. Thanks for that. The bus is the 31 that takes over from the 14 late evening, quite a circuitous rote over Walkley and Crookes! At least it gets me home so mustn't grumble. Neither the 31 nor the 14 were mentioned in the consultation open to comment earlier on in the year, I did check at the time. This is why I was puzzled by the rumour and thought I'd see if anyone had heard anything. ---------- Post added 03-10-2013 at 18:13 ---------- Pardon my bad spelling.....
  12. I heard a rumour at the weekend that some late evening bus services to the Wisewood/Loxley area are to be withdrawn after this month. Anyone out there heard/know anything about this? I emailed TM Travel, who run the service, a couple of days ago but have had no reply as yet. Hope my source was wrong.
  13. Try Fine Fabrics on Hillsbrough Road, Hillsborough. They're good at advice too. ;0)
  14. Hi, good to see you are making progress with this. I would be very interested in attending as a stallholder. I make unique items of jewellery from new componenents, rescued components and combinations of both ; items of vintage costume jewellery that I have repaired ; unique/limited edition cushions ; fabric gift/storage bags for small items. I also sometimes share space with a friend who sells and advises on aromatherapy oils and other well-being products. Please let me know when you have more news of events and if I can help by distributing fliers or anything to promote them.
  15. Ah, thanks for the info. Can't afford to shell out for a gazebo I'm afraid. Glad you've done so well, hope you have a great turnout on the day.
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