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  1. Spooky as! We used to dare each other to walk the Pindle alone at night....
  2. I am thinking of setting up a Livery yard in the staveley/Chesterfield area and was wondering what the market is like. I know of Two full time Livery yards who are full and one who has a waiting list but wanted to know from horse owners if it is a viable option to open one up in this area.... Many thanks in advance
  3. Just wondering if you managed to get it sorted or if you experienced any "cover up" from the School.
  4. Calling all Airsofters.. Black hills Airsoft are holding a Vietnam Milsim on the 26/07/14.. Check out http://www.blackhillsairsoft.co.uk for more details. ~ This is going to be an action packed day with plenty to do for all type of softer. Come along and give us a try you will not be disappointed
  5. Someone was recently banned from School for recording a conversation with the full consent of the teacher so I would be careful going down that route.
  6. And striking is helping how exactly? I totally agree with you BUT walking out for one day is going to cause a bit of disruption and not much else
  7. Paintball is for pussies hahahahah Get thisen an M4 in your hand and come and take us on We will be holding a Zombie themed event in the not too distant future ao check out http://www.blackhillsairsoft.co.uk for up to date information and I can assure you that we are not connected in any way shape of form to Danny Hatton
  8. I can completely understand how you feel and hopefully in time you will get your faith back and give them a shot, In the mean time if you are after some non stop Airsoft action then why not come down to black hills airsoft and give us a try. You will not be disappointed
  9. Not that I am aware of but will stand corrected if I am wrong. The people in partnership with Zombieinfection run a very successful Airsoft site and have had years of experience in these kind of events and are also thoroughly decent guys )
  10. You will have a great time at cerebus, Great group of guys. We look forward to seeing you soon....we have a milsim event coming up on the 26/07/14 so hope to see you there
  11. Blackhills airsoft is Chesterfield's newest and most diverse woodland site in the county. With over 33 acres of dense woodland, steep hills and deep ravines there is something for everyone to enjoy. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a soldier going into battle? Wonder no more and jump on board one of the best sites in the Country! http://www.blackhillsairsoft.co.uk Facebook/ black hills airsoft. GET REAL!
  12. I can hand on heart totally recommend Zombieinfection. A very professional business with years of experience in the Airsoft world and are very respected in Airsoft circles too. My staff and I are really looking forward to the stan re opening and attending one of these events.
  13. There is a new Airsoft site opened in the Sheffield/Chesterfiled area Black Hills Airsoft has over 33 acres of woodland, ravines, hills etc. The ultimate place for every type of softer. Look online for details. The only fully council approved site with regards to Health and safety, noise pollution, traffic control etc. Fully approved by the Derbyshire wildlife trust too. Comprehensive insured. Join us for a fantastic action packed day on the 12/07/14 We run day events on a regular basis from Zombie shoots to Milsim and Filmsim. Want to get fit? Give us a try!
  14. It was my mates Sons friend who was driving the bike. Not heard any more news yet but I sincerely hope he is ok. It is always a worry when young lads get these motobikes and I think the CBT ttest should be toughened up to make it harder to pass!
  15. I would imagine it is to do with Airsofting. Like paintballing only using bb bullets.
  16. Might be an idea to clear your inbox, just tried to message you and it is full.
  17. Thank you to everyone who has replied on this thread, his spirits are low at the moment because he gave his all to that job and worked all the jobs the people who had been there longer did not want to do, as well as doing his own work. I think he has learnt not not to be loyal to anyone anymore. It was only a few months ago that he was in hospital because of the companies negligence, (he got covered in glass when a fork lift truck skidded on some wet water which should not have been there and crashed into a wall smashing the window and shards of glass falling on him ) he would not take it any further out of loyalty for them and I still do not know if it was recorded into the accident book. His Mother has rang the company and gave them a massive eff bomb for the way he has been treated and now I think he is just going to move on and put it behind him.
  18. I think the issue he has is that at 18 and with the state of the current job market, he knows he is going to really struggle, he has an appointment from an apprenticeship placement on Monday so hopefully something will come of that but the wage is poor compered to what he has been earning.
  19. Does he get a chance to refuse that and work the month out hoping things will pick up. They have not made this clear to him if so and basically said, take the money and leave.
  20. Judging by that calculation it appears that he has received the correct amount of redundancy pay but can they tell him friday that he is out of a job and not to bother coming in on monday without any prior notice that redundancies may be happening. Can they also tell him to come into the workplace on tuesday to discuss his redundancy even though they have made it clear he has lost his job and that the meeting is a formality. I would have thought they employers should at least give the rendunacee "some" notice that his job is in jepody and even after that some time to let the information sink in. It all seems to have happened very quick and I am beginning to suspect unfair dismissal.
  21. Last week I was made redundant with immediate effect, I was told of this Friday and that was it. They have offered me £240 redundancy pay and a months wage in lieu of working. Thats it. No warning or anything and I am now out of a job. 18 years old and worked for them for the last 2 1/2 years after leaving school. Can someone tell me if they have broken any laws? 4 more people were set on after me and they have kept their jobs? Please help. Not sure what to do now, worked solid from leaving school and I really do not want to sign on the dole. ---------- Post added 16-01-2014 at 11:07 ---------- ps, posting this on behalf of someone who is not on the forum.
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