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  1. I live on Findon Street and didn't hear anything last night
  2. hi do you still have these slabs?
  3. how do you know they are bumble bees ?they might bee(lol) motar bees try googling to see what they are 1st ---------- Post added 07-08-2013 at 10:33 ---------- smoke bomb from any fireplace outlet
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/411350.stm this happened before and my 2 daughters were affected
  5. any update on the hillsbrough traffic situation?
  6. yes another 1 just gone and the last 1 is sat on top of the box unless its just flown off ive been watching since aprill and really enjoyed them hope they return soon#
  7. i saw 1 fly off this morning about 6am and he/she hasnt returned as yet
  8. Louie has now been found and returned home safe n well thanks all:)
  9. hi all forumers i need help finding a friends black and white sprocker spaniel(cocker springer cross) his name is louie and he went missing whilst on howden moor on 4th june s33 area there is a reward for his safe return....here is a link that may help http://www.doglost.co.uk/poster.php?dogId=53160#.Ua97w9I3tvB CONTACT: 01142337046 or 07801242482 with any info please
  10. got mine from here based at the back of morrison ecclesfield and they cut to size n deliver .very nice informative guy aswell
  11. there seems to be a wet patch of water just above the dial house club on the road (ben lane) apparently there has been a problem there for months if not years does anyone know the cause and it looks like the new resurfaced road will have to come up.someone told me it was something to do with the dam on sevenfields at the top of ben lane any ideas?
  12. You would have thought Amey and the council would have taken the grass verges up below the old Dial House and put lay by's in so the local residents could park their cars bearing in mind its a bottle neck when 2 buses are trying to pass, also there was a serious RTA not so long ago
  13. hi whats happened on sheffield parkway?serious rta near catcliffe outbound
  14. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1136615 try this it is for sale on here .maybe wrong you never know
  15. This is a chance to catch New Camaros Stripped to the basics... FOR FREE! New Camaros debuted in 2012. Playing to eager and growing audiences this 4 piece have taken the Sheffield music scene by storm. Regular appearances at all the major venues within Sheffield, plays on BBC Radio and headline slots at Tramlines show just how much New Camaros have achieved in less than 12 months. A wide range of influences can be heard in their music, but the finished product sounds like none of them. The only way to describe their sound is a tidal wave of melodic hooks, huge guitar riffs and pounding rhythms that keep the attention of every audience. In short, New Camaros are a welcome return to form for Sheffield music. http://www.facebook.com/newcamaros With support from Monoking and Zapp Brannigan Monoking http://www.facebook.com/MonokingUK Monoking are a four piece rock band from Sheffield officially formed as a live act in October 2010 taking influence from Kasabian to the Beatles definitely one not to miss! Zapp Brannigan http://www.myspace.com/zappbrannigans One of the very few remaining acoustic artists to be influenced from the era of Britpop, Zapp Brannigan has been combining infectious melodies with witty, laugh out loud and at times heart wrenching lyrics to the Sheffield music scene since ’06, and looking damn sharp in the process! Live at The Green Room on Division Street Sheffield Free entry all night! Drinks offers!
  16. hi i was wanting a couple of composite doors fitting and on my way to work on penistone road i noticed a company in the units just before hillfoot bridge i was going to call in today to arrange a quote but have noticed they have gone ?does anyone know jf they have been relocated or have they gone bust and has anyone used them
  17. http://www.facebook.com/AirspaceStructuresNews brill out of this world
  18. hi do any of my fellow forumers know where i can buy a double handed wok from in sheffield please?
  19. Isaw it to it was bout 10-30 in hillsbro thought it was at the time a flash of lightning
  20. stay clear had a job done and the windows steamed up still waiting for them to come and refit
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