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  1. hi all are there any garages open tomorrow bank holiday monday as my brakes need doing urgently
  2. Hi I have 2 boundary fences at each side of my garden and livin in a mid terrace who is responsible for there upkeep as i stand on the roadside to the left is a fence and also to the right
  3. any info on whats going off on holme lane near hawleys tyres 4 police vans ambulance and police cars in attendance ...and before you say anything there are not at the chippy lol
  4. again ... 3rd time this http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/fire-breaks-out-at-sheffield-medical-factory-1-6486791
  5. Hi all will the 50mph speed limit be enforced after the roadworks are complete?
  6. As a verb, to muse is to consider something thoughtfully. As a noun, it means a person — especially a woman — who is a source of artistic inspiration could be something to do with Cupola Gallery with display windows not garage doors
  7. hi any info what went off this morning bout 5:15 at the bottom of langsett avenue middlewood, road was closed 4 police cars and a police van ? and no the chip shop wasnt open lol
  8. Ive been also and it absol fantastic mossdog prob sits at home on sat night with 1/2 pound wine gums watchin fiX Factor ...get a life
  9. The Design and Construction of retail units for Subway, Greggs and Card Factory, associated external works and car parking. Burger King drive through restaurant with external hard landscaping and highway modifications
  10. My neighbour startled a thief who was down her garden at 7:30am he was stealing some scrap on Findon Street
  11. just done it returning from manc airport
  12. hi i am reflooring my attic where is the best place to buy floor boards just normal ones as it is going to be carpeted ta
  13. theres a post on FB bout it on dungworth and stores page
  14. whats planned for the vacant store ?
  15. They are stelth cameras https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=stealth+speed+cameras&espv=2&biw=1280&bih=915&tbm=isch&imgil=MsYK2_Lzffi2FM%253A%253BKv2eT_gNcrk_BM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.planyourcar.com%25252Fblog%25252Fbeware-new-stealth-speed-cameras-motorways%25252F&source=iu&pf=m&fir=MsYK2_Lzffi2FM%253A%252CKv2eT_gNcrk_BM%252C_&usg=__CXUfeYOtkl4pj9-1Zi5XfdyXgTs%3D&ved=0ahUKEwi-kfLJqsHMAhUICsAKHfrpDGkQyjcILQ&ei=XWUqV_7uOIiUgAb607PIBg#imgrc=MsYK2_Lzffi2FM%3A
  16. whats with the Nat Knowles discount is nat knowles someone who works there ?
  17. my son is in his 3rd year as an aprentice and will be 19 next month what should his minimun wage be
  18. Crossing the pavements in vehicles with restricted view
  19. surey not i have just seen on a lamp post on marlcliffe road for planning permission of 4 dwelling just off marlcliffe road at the bottom the plan is to demolish garages and put 4 houses there my main worry is that there is a school nearby and parents take their children and often let them run up and down the pavement this is so dangerous as the owners of the new dwellings will be crossing the pavement to gain access also my concerns are for the residents that already live there you thoughts please forumers
  20. slidedrobes near meadowhall bit pricey but excellent service and intrest free
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