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  1. post it on facebook sunday 7th 8pm chinese lantern launch
  2. when do u plan to do it im in itll have to be a weekend tho
  3. my grandad found the beer cans they were hinekken 300ml his cellar was full of the stuff as my dad at the time had a large van it was situated aross from the golfing range on myres lane
  4. ive been o your farm its on the brow of the hill just past the turn off for stores and your ice cream is great
  5. i wasnt askin for the address just the road,being a fellow wadslian for over 40 years i was wondering if it was the same group of childish yobs who were causing trouble around the school area over the past weeks maybe a few bobbies on the beat may help
  6. psyko is not spelt psycho im a quite well tempered person actually but if you dont want people to try and get to the bottom of your on going problems dont judge people by their usre name and i hope your very large husband can sort your porbs out without you crying for help where was he when you needed him
  7. the beehive pub on dykes hall road no steps its clean and the rooms free give them a call and the beers at a resonable price £2 a pint
  8. as i was walkin past last nite the police pulled up n there was a commotion inside anyone know what went off
  9. dearne valley weekender circ 53000 look local circ 26000 eckington leader circ 21000 sheffield gazzette 5 edition totsl circ 110000 wisewood community news letter monthly circ4000 dinnington and matlby trader circ 16000
  10. thase yobs <<names removed>> are not pupils from the school they have been excluded its the same people who break into our houses n pinch our kids bikes n mobile phones etc
  11. the man allegedly confronted some youths (not wisewoodpupils) then the youths turned on him beating him and kicking him in his head dont know how true it is but may be drug related
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