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  1. 11 hours ago, rudds1 said:

    The star when at York street used to print around 250k copies every day when it had 2 editions ,since moving to dinnington those figures dropped off .

    the main two reasons would be 

    1 the older generation has died off 

    2  most papers are now online which the younger generation now download 

    if the star was to go back to being an evening paper that could help its struggling sales 


    The Star had a midday edition then printed a Chesterfield Barnsley Rotherham Doncaster then stopped for Afternoon edition before finally doing a late night final

  2. Well if any more evidence was needed as to why Johnston Press are going under. You just need to read this high quality journalism. Well I felt really well informed after reading this.




    johnston press has been taken over by JP Media

  3. What also did not help Johnston press is when they used to print the sun at dinnington every time it was printed late they used to incur fines which was a lot of the time until they lost the contract to print it there


    very rarely printed late as i work there .reason for not printing the sun any more was the Millie Downing scandal where as people voted with not buying the paper thus news of the world folded dropping circulations so news internaional was able to print at there own sites due to dwindling sales figures

    THEY PAID J PRESS 30 million in breach of contract???

  4. Amey are working backwards ie Langsett Avenue running from Middlewood Road to Worrall Road a main road that has got to be one of the worst roads for potholes etc in Sheffield .....what do amey do?Decide to do all the side roads 1st ...Grove ave ,Milden etc

    It will be interesting to see when they plan to do the said road

    Absolutely shocking and pathetic planning and workman ship,Grove Ave etc have had/in the process of having new tarmac on the roads done,what about the pavements and kerbs

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