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  1. gavnmel

    Hull City Vs Blades

    Cardiff arnt owt special. Villa are my bet for second. Blades to finish fifth.
  2. gavnmel

    #jackrevival this weeks news!!

    Good old waggy. Doing a cracking job mate.
  3. gavnmel

    Best place for topsoil

    Hi there gardeners.This year my projects include building some raised beds from reclaimed decking boards. However,filling them maybe costly. Is there anywhere local that sells it cheaply????
  4. Thinking of purchasing one of these for the new year,they are supposed to be the best blender/juicer on the market. If any of you guy's have any recipes that you've tried,tested and enjoyed,please share. Thanks
  5. gavnmel

    Trouble getting fishing licence

    Mine has taken 2 weeks to come-and theyve sent me two!!!! Anyone care to buy one !!!!
  6. gavnmel

    Flipping Magpies.

    Not that i would want to go out and buy a weapon,but knowing my luck,i would pull the trigger just as the nosey neighbour puts her big smoggie haircut through the window and id hit her!!!!
  7. gavnmel

    Flipping Magpies.

    I forgot to add that we live on the fringe of a wood,and our back garden backs onto it-aswell as the magpies,friday in the wee hours we had Foxes wailing-i take it they are in season or just had young?living on the fringe of woodland is beutiful,but in the small hours of the night,it can be pretty creepy on our back garden!
  8. gavnmel

    Flipping Magpies.

    Does anyone else have a problem with magpies at dawn walking on window ledges and in the guttering??very loud,very annoying,and has been a constant thing for the last 5-6 weeks. As soon as the light of day emerges(4.50am this morn)they start-walking too and frow. Scrapping,squalking,but physically out of reach.
  9. gavnmel

    Dance classes for under 5`s??

    Thanks Kirsty.
  10. gavnmel

    Chapel walk/ghost walk

    I remember having to go into Parker Franks with my mum and nan. I was scared to death of anyone from school seeing me in there!
  11. gavnmel

    Spitfire over S12 ?

    thought i heard it.
  12. Hi there,my 4 year old wants to start dancing or ballet. Does anyone know of any in or around the s12 area??

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