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  1. Stereophonics sounded great last night up here on Walkley Road! ---------- Post added 21-07-2018 at 12:58 ---------- If the weather holds up.. will be out tonight listening to the elder Gallagher brother from the back patio
  2. Walkley Road went dark for all of 3 mins - back on now
  3. Was thinking exactly the same when we saw it the other day! They only last a few months around here. Cant beat the 'Big G' on South Road!
  4. All fixed (within 30mins of calling YW - bless them!) Apologies on the wonderfully late reply
  5. Just had a gent at the door from 'Dore & Totley Home Improvements' on Walkley Road, S6 a short time ago. Anyone heard of them? He was commenting about the state of our guttering
  6. Anyone else getting problems with their water supply at the moment? No water at all for us up here on t'hill.
  7. I do indeed Was on live chat with Royal Mail the other day asking this very question. Here is the list of business franked boxes in the city. S6 1089 CLAYWHEELS LANE 1212 18:30 53.42129649 -1.509343166 S6 1090 RAWSON SPRING ROAD 1228 18:30 53.41167948 -1.496576097 S3 1083 BURTON ROAD 1226 18:30 53.39190135 -1.474975549 S3 1084 FARFIELD ROAD 1229 18:30 53.39530575 -1.484768704 S3 1085 OAKHAM DRIVE 1223 18:30 53.39497392 -1.474621953 S4 1086 PETRE STREET 1158 18:30 53.40260918 -1.443709215 S4 1087 VICTORIA QUAYS 1220 18:30 53.38497858 -1.460522178 S4 1088 ATLAS WAY 1233 18:30 53.39808322 -1.444640493 S8 1091 BROADFIELD ROAD METER BOX 1224 18:30 53.36125278 -1.475637664 S9 1092 TAXI RANK METER BOX 1609 18:30 53.41196189 -1.412716574 S9 1093 EUROPA COURT BUSINESS BOX 1094 18:00 53.39570917 -1.383931025 S9 1094 AMOS ROAD 2149 18:30 53.41199058 -1.418583419 S9 1095 SHEPCOTE LANE 1216 18:30 53.39925241 -1.409176694 S9 1096 SANDERSON STREET 1227 18:30 53.39961452 -1.433837011 S9 1097 LOCKHOUSE ROAD 1211 18:30 53.40655284 -1.413152054 S9 1098 PARKWAY AVENUE 1214 18:30 53.38577674 -1.436756889 S9 1099 COLEFORD ROAD 1218 18:30 53.39176533 -1.409280333 S9 1100 ROMAN RIDGE ROAD 1219 18:30 53.41675768 -1.417374941 S9 1101 METER SUITE 240949 19:30 53.40356413 -1.430806442 S9 1102 TAXI RANK METER LH BOX 1608 18:30 53.41195349 -1.412837043 S10 1103 CLARKEHOUSE ROAD 1232 18:15 53.37553833 -1.49498797 S13 1104 ORGREAVE CLOSE 1215 18:15 53.37170324 -1.369006798 Pretty annoyed that we only have one basically in town and that's at the Quays.
  8. Simon Hide Dairyman http://www.simonhidedairyman.com
  9. Strangely enough.. I asked this question of Royal Mail the other day and got a complete list of franked (business post boxes) for our areas. The Clarkehouse Road one is at the front of King Edwards school 53.37553833 -1.49498797
  10. Have to ask being the chair of the Neighbourhood Watch.. and living on Walkley Road.. Where the hell is this supposed dog muck we are supposed to be seeing? There's none on South Road (we've checked) - genuinely interested in where this problem is supposed to be so we can 'zap it'
  11. I'd class us as an up and coming area Delighted to see a lot of new peeps around at the moment. The point being, we really don't need graffiti and flyposting in regards to 'dog mess problems' which we DON'T actually have while including any political party.. (we'd be notified if we had!)
  12. I'm sorry to report... I don't believe we've turned into Parson Cross (or any other 'neighbourhood') of late... this is Walkley. That will be four posters I've seen now advocating Labour with a swear word on them and mentioning 'dog mess' around our area. We've asked for them to be removed as soon as they can be AFTER the election. Eyesore and we don't condone people seeing vulgar language on posters around the area.
  13. Oh we didn't take offence don't worry - we didn't take it the wrong way Agree with you if anything
  14. It was more than £50 we found at the ATM... It still didn't go into our pockets. It went into the ASDA Customer Service desk because it was an amount of money that someone might have needed to live on ---------- Post added 07-05-2017 at 13:34 ---------- My thoughts as well! I do hope that the staff member who wrote it into the book (we made sure we watched them logging the details fully before we left) was honest and made sure it was available to the person losing it if they went in to claim it.
  15. The lady in front of my wife had gone through all the process, took her card out and then walked off while the loud beeping was going on - bless my wife, we did wait to see if the cash would go back in but it didn't. We did try and call out to the woman to get her to come back but she seemed very busy indeed which was a shame. ---------- Post added 05-05-2017 at 21:50 ---------- No idea.. we handed it straight in in-case they came back for it
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