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  1. We can no longer offer free or discount neutering. For help and advice call our main number.
  2. His funeral will take place at Herringthorpe Valley on 31st July at 12:45. Followed by a 'drink' in the Swallownest Miners, S26 4UR.
  3. If you give your phone number as 01142 XXXXXX people will not know what to dial. The 2 is part of the number, not the dialling code.
  4. Upload it to a hosting site such as Photobucket. They will give you a link to post on here.
  5. Correction - Chris currently lives in Camberley, Surrey, with his wife of 45 years, Gail. Still working
  6. Chris Stainton worked for Wigfalls in Sheffield. He was bass guitar and later keyboards with the late Joe Cocker (Vance Arnold). He now lives in America.
  7. Advertising for Pyramid Selling schemes. They seem to be from the same people, all saying the same "I get paid 98 bucks every hour for work at home on my laptop. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my good friend is earning 17k /monthly by doing this job and she showed me how. Try it out on following website.......' Not giving the website as that would be advertising. There must be an incentive, maybe get new customers?
  8. See if they're fraudulent click here
  9. Please read this article so you are aware of the Fraudsters and can help to stop them http://www.cats.org.uk/news/join-our-campaign-to-protect-kittens-bred-for-sale
  10. Just finished reading it. Excellent - worth every penny.
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