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  1. Henry holmes had three shops at one time sharrowvale road with a showroom across the road,london road and one at rotherham run by his daughter. henry himself lived on southview road
  2. Hi Brian,I started in 1946 and left in 49 when my father died,i lived on the Littledale estate at the time,mrs Reynolds daughter was in school at the same time as i was,she went on in later life to run her own dancing school. When i saw the old school on Wednesday i was like you amazed to see how small it was looks no bigger than a garage.it will be sad when it has gone,it will be interesting to see what they build on such a small site.i will install skype and perhaps we can talk.if you have a skype address.speak soon Regards Jeff
  3. Hi Brian, Good to hear from you again,we went to norwich for a couple of days and got back this afternoon on the way back we went down Briafield avenue to see the old school,it is for sale as a building plot i am glad that i saw it before they knocked it down look forward to hearing from you again. jeff
  4. perhaps all it needs is to turn the computers off wait 10 seconds and turn them back on again,thats what a nice man in india told me to try on mine this morning and it worked
  5. I remember using a sixty tooth chainring and 12 tooth rear sprocket giving me a gear of i think of 135 inches,i rode it home to Handsworth i wound it up going through the traffic lights at the bottom of handsworth hill, and overtook a bus got almost to the top of the hill before the gear got the better of me. happy days.i remember john mapplebeck who used to own pennine cycles in the leeds area used to come over to race.
  6. Hi The address of the dept for info on your percy stallard frame is the archives and local studies department wolverhampton city council molineux hotel building whitmore hill wolverhampton wv 1sf tel no 01902 552 480 good luck in your search
  7. Hi All records of percy stallard frames from 1945 to the late sixties are held in the archive section of Wolverhampton library.if you send them the frame number, and for a small fee they will send you a copy of a document regarding the frame details hope this helps.
  8. There was another one in the early sixties run by the rutland cycling club it was in the concert room of the wharncliffe hotel at firth park.
  9. many years ago i worked for a removals firm and when they took down the manor estate scrapmen sat in the back gardens waiting for the house to become empty so they could go in and clear out all the copper ect, one of them told me they could make approx 80 pounds out of a 3 bed house that was in the mid 80s
  10. i think after it closed it opened again and it was called club 66 i may be wrong perhaps someone can tell me
  11. why was it that during the grounding of all flights in america the only plane allowed to fly was one with bin ladin family on board
  12. On the subject of hepworths when they closed george davis started next and a few years later he left and started with asda hence their brand name george.
  13. the bike shop on attercliffe common was sullivans it was taken over by george white in the early sixties
  14. does anybody remember the roman room closing down overnight everything was just left it was though they had just walked out in the middle of cooking the food very strange
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