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  1. Hi I'm trying to eat a little more healthily and since checking out the labels on different food products, I have come across this ingredient (?) many times. I guess it's some sort of preservative. Is it harmful? I can't find anything on google which sheds any light. Ta
  2. Hi, our laptop went through a phase of not shutting down, going to bluescreen and backing up everything to memory. The memory is now full, it won't recognise devices, hard drive etc. We had already backed up everything on a memory stick but the re-install only gives an option for DVD. Being technophobes we don't know where one copy starts and another finishes (it must have copied it several times) so daren't delete anything. Laptop is still operable but only just - should we just back up to DVD's and re-install? We've also tried restoring to an earlier restore point but only one (last week!) is offered which is obviously no good. Is it possible to set a date? Thanks v much
  3. Hi - I've been told I may need an apicoectomy (tooth root tip removal) after 2failed root canal treatments and after looking on the internet I am quite unnerved (get it?) by the idea. I'd like to know if anyone has had this procedure and whether it was worth it. Please no gory details!
  4. Hi Miss M - glad I'm not the only softy! People in Crookes are kind to him anyway. I've seen others taking his bag and a local shopkeeper who takes his stuff up to his house. I just wonder what he does in bad weather? I feel the same as you and hope the young hoodlums don't hassle him.
  5. I think this is the same guy that lives in Crookes. He is out and about shopping every day from very early and sometimes gets on the 52 into town. I feel sorry for him but I've been told he's vey independent and doesn't want/need any help. I don't think he's that old actually - it's just his appearance that gives this impression. He walks very slowly and his bag is always crammed full of food and weighs very heavily - I know cos I once carried it for him! I guess he lives alone and good for him that he is still managing tho' I do worry when I see him.
  6. Even if I wanted to call you a pratt, I wouldn't shout it across Sheffield out of respect to those who might be sleeping.
  7. Well the poo bags are a good idea but there is one little man (yes, I'm watchin you!) who picks up his doggies' poos and pops them in my bin. Nice!! Especially when it's been there a week! I have moved my bin so beware if you live near Mulehouse road and notice an unpleasant aroma from your bin - he's found another deposit spot! I'm not sure what the answer is tho' The dogs have to do it somewhere but I was not happy about cleaning heaps of the aforementioned poo from my son's bike last week (from that lovely green bit behind Stannington View Road in Crookes). Euugh!
  8. Well, without wishing to be a party pooper, I'd just like to know if it's finished or are they going to be "groovin'" tonight as well? I would just like to get a few hours' sleep if poss
  9. Hi A few highlights will help to dry out the roots and slightly alter the texture of the hair which gives a bit of volume too!
  10. Thanks for the replies! I'll have a bash at boiling first, surgical gloves at the ready
  11. It is for me, the arrow before the refresh icon. Or do you mean new tabs? Yep, I've got that one but it only shows stuff I searched for within that search bar. The old one showed all the pages I had been on regardless of where the original search began. The tabs one only goes back a few pages. I'm not exactly an expert so maybe I'm missing something.
  12. Hi I recently downloaded this and I'm just getting used to it. The thing I miss most from Explorer 8 is the little dropdown of all the pages you've just opened (not the history one). It's really useful for going backwards and forwards quickly when you're comparing prices etc without going to the history bar. Is is still there somewhere?
  13. Hi Sorry if this sounds daft but I'm not sure how to prepare this. I would like to have some with salad but don't know whether to cook it first (visions of blood stained kitchen) or if you can grate it raw? I would buy it prepared but it is always floating in sugary vinegar so I thought I'd have a go myself. Any tips?
  14. I think it is the sudden increase since 1 April which the OP is referring to. And I am not speaking about rubber underwear
  15. Oh no! Now someone is going to post about pants!
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