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  1. Ive lived in the heart of Parson Cross for nearly 13 years, never had any problems, most people look out for each other round here. I am moving away from the area in the near future and I for one will be quite sad to say gooodbye
  2. Hi, Im hoping to get a house on Wordsworth Avenue close to Monteney school, just wanted to know from locals living in the area as to what its like round there? Thanks
  3. Hi, was wondering if anyone can tell me when Southey Green Nursery/Infants go back after summer hols, Ive penciled it in calendar as this tuesday but now ive been told its open Monday, really hoping its tomorrow tbh!
  4. Hi, anyone know what time Ecclesfield Gala starts on Sunday? Thanks
  5. I dont want to name names but I was there, it was at a family bbq with young children there, including my little boy.What we all witnessed was horrendous and a completly unprovoked attack. The injured man who is my little boys uncle now has over 70 stitches holding his face together but I thank god as it could so easily have been worse.
  6. Has anybody used this company? http://www.appliancerepairssheffield.co.uk/ Looking for somebody to fix a fridge freezer.
  7. Hi, does anyone know of any good fridge repair places near Frechville area or telephone numbers am doing this for my friend whos has broken and is fitted into the kitchen so would probably be easier than getting it replaced, thanks.
  8. Think I know who the dogs owner is and have been informed of a similar incident with the same dog who bit a young boy on our road only a few months ago. I think the owners are too lazy to walk it and just let it out, think I will be having a few words I can tell you. As to walking dogs off leads, I have owned dogs for over 10 years, there are certain dogs that shouldnt ever be let off the lead in public spaces, even the most seemingly mild mannered dog can change as I know from experience, our old lurcher was the softest thing in the world but in his last year he completely changed, we now have a springer spaniel who loves anything that breathes but I respect not everyone wants licking to death!
  9. Just got to get this off my chest.... On my way back from the shop earlier a Staffordshire bullterrier type dog came running up to me(no owner insight), my daughter and her friend and started snapping at my daughters friends legs, she was absolutely petrified and started running which I know is the worst thing you can do to a dog which indeed started to aggrevate the dog even more. Thankgod we were nearly home and managed to get in without any serious injury and that I didnt have my little toddler with me or god knows what could have happened. Couldnt get through to dog warden so rang police but dont know if it is still in the S5 area so be careful and make sure you tell your kids what to do if they are approached by an aggressive dog. It just makes me SOOO angry that some people just let their dogs off without caring of the consequences. :rant:
  10. Hi, just bought a new tv in the sales, connected everything up ok I think but the Wii is only playing in black and white, anybody any ideas?
  11. Finally got the last of my many parcels from end of November today,hope everybody elses turn up in time but if not im sure people will understand, the most inportant thing at christmas is to spend time with the people we love:)
  12. ok thanks have passed the number on, hope he gets if fixed or we'll be having Christmas dinner by candlelight!
  13. Yep he certainly did cos I was there and he was awesome!
  14. Thanks, now can anyone recommend a good electrician in S35 area?!
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