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  1. Is it true that M&S have pulled out of the above new development ?? Also does anyone know what is open now and dates of what is to open shortly. I can't seem to find much info online. Thanks
  2. Female is in the box now, could our first egg be on its way !!!
  3. Hi, We had moles for months in our garden. We tried everything and I mean everything to try and get rid of them in a humane manner but everything failed so in the end I'm afraid we had to resort to calling in an expert. He put a worm covered in cyanide into one of the holes and almost overnight it was problem solved. I really didn't want to kill it but they are solitary animals so felt slightly better that I wasn't murdering a whole family !!!! Please don't waste your money on sonic booms etc or humane traps they do not work. Good luck.
  4. Well done to all concerned, a fantastic day out and I know (for an absolute fact) that the police were not called to any reports of any bother throughout the whole day and to me that constitutes a success. There are only so many members of staff you can get behind a bar to serve so if you had a bit of a queue for beer/food so be it. Everyone was good humoured and Dronfield had a lovely buzz all day. I do think the number of people far exceeded last year but staff/buses seemed to cope well. Hats off Andy C, a thoroughly enjoyable day. Thank you
  5. Thanks for info, I didn't realise they were that far apart, I'll stop fretting now !!
  6. Is it usual for this amount of time to pass between laying ?? I'm sure last year all four were laid closer together than this ??
  7. I think the male has a paler chest too, it is hard to tell them apart unless they are together at the same time, as a rule of thumb though the female usually incubates during hours of darkness too. I hope that info is right !!!
  8. She's back now. So lovely to see but we may be slightly frustrated with positioning of where she's laying, it's right on the edge of the blind spot !!!
  9. Females in the box now, could something be happening !!!!!!
  10. Well I finally got to visit the site yesterday. having watched the goings on for the last few months. It really was lovely to see the box/perch and surrounding area etc and I was lucky enough to see one of the birds sitting on the perch (sorry I'm too inexperienced to say whether it was one of the adults or juveniles). It was also great to see other people, young and old pointing up to the box and watching, chatting etc about these lovely birds. Aren't we lucky !!!! Well done to all concerned, not least of all the birds themselves !!!!
  11. Oh no !!! So what's the likely outcome ????
  12. There is one chick and still the 3 eggs but they are unattended at the moment. Is that ok ?? ---------- Post added 28-04-2015 at 16:53 ---------- Phew, she's back !!!
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