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  1. clock repairs at elsecar heritage centre Barnsley ,been there years good service
  2. absolute joke,nearly wrote my car off because of this crazy idea bet i"m not the only one !!
  3. if its a petrol volvo im interested in buying it just pm me thanks
  4. anyone know where i can get a towbar fitted at a sensible price?
  5. only thing i can remember about the old waltheof is the cane happy grumpy useless teachers, what a depressing hole that was ,pipworth was loads better
  6. Cant remember any happy times at this gloomy cane happy hole back in the 70s but plenty of good times at pipworth school
  7. I went to superb pipworth (best school days ever) before going to the old waltheof in the early 70s, got to be nearest thing to the film kes i have ever seen, cant remember any happy times at all at this miserable cane happy hole back in the 70s
  8. try the white rose good grub and drinks
  9. ive got a mate who lives in high green with no problems at all
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