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  1. Does anyone know of sports activities or clubs for preschool children in/near sheffield? I have a very energetic 3 year old, he starts school in september but i want to find something for him now. We live on the north side of sheffield so rotherham or barnsley as easy to get to as sheffield. He is not fussed about football, so need something more general. I have found out about the trampolining class at hillsboro leisure centre (has a waiting list, then you have to commit to a 10 week block without any taster session) and a club called 'bendy kids' the other side of barnsley. Google not bringing up any relevant info for under 5s. Any preschool gymnastics or sports activities out there? Thanks for your help
  2. not been to tramlines before but planning to head into sheff today - what time does anything actually happen though? the tramlines website and forum posts have tonnes of general info and listings but not much mention of times. will have small kids with us so want to make the most of any less hectic bits. Thanks!
  3. thanks paulas - i think we are veering towards stone worktop (and its nowhere near 7000!). is it easy to live with though, or do you have to polish it all the time? thanks.
  4. thanks, thats helpful - i think part of my dilemma is that quartz (cost plus fitting) is so much more than laminate that if i get it wrong (ie they fit it and i am not keen on the colour) it will be an expensive mistake. I guess i need to look again at both options. will definite look at the profile of the laminate aswell, hadn't really thought of that but i guess it will make a big difference to the overall look. Hmmmm
  5. We are in the final stages of arranging to have our kitchen done, chosen almost everything but we cannot make our minds up what worktop to have. Totally stuck and keep changing my mind! Its a choice between laminate or stone/quartz. Have been looking at Silestone quartz, which would add an extra 50% on top of what we are paying for units sink tap etc, but would look very lovely and hopefully last for a long long time. We can just about afford this option but it seems like alot of money, even if it would look great. or laminate which would make for a much much cheaper overall cost, but i have never looked at any laminate and thought it looks nice. it does its job though... has anyone had the same dilemma? What did you choose in the end? any regrets about the choice you made? Is stone actually practical? (don't want to spend my whole life polishing smears and marks of it!) any opinions or info to help me make up my mind would be much appreciated, thank you.
  6. thanks thats really useful info - my son will start there in sept 2012 and i had mentally planned my working day assuming he would go to after school club 2 days a week. Hmmmmm! I'll wait till I hear that he has definitely got a place then take it from there... thanks again for the update.
  7. i agree there is a bit of a gap - maybe some enterprising person can fill it (perhaps not in the middle of a recession though!). Not sure what I'd like to go to in an evening but I'd like an alternative to the pub, especially if i'm driving and have to buy expensive orange juice that i am only drinking for the sake of it. That said i had a very nice evening, i only wish I had seen that bloke from thingy while i was out, but sadly not.
  8. Spiritualist church not my thing, but thanks for the invite anyway. Just going to the pub in the end. Atleast i tried to do something different!
  9. thanks for the ideas, plus i always like to see that bloke out of thingy... Also didn't know winter gardens open in evening and i do like it in there.
  10. I am meeting a friend later, we don't want to go out for a meal or get drunk, and want to be able to have a good chat as we don't see each other that often. Maybe have a glass of wine or maybe just a coffee. Any suggestions? I am thinking maybe a gallery or exhibition open evening, quiet pub / cafe / restaurant with a bar area or hotel bar even. Somewhere a bit different thats a nice place for us to meet up. Central or north sheffield would be best but I'd love to know if anything is happening anywhere? Thanks catherine
  11. Hi little plum and beth 29 - you asked for some info about the class at thorncliffe. The instructor is on forum (shef_fitness as above) but I can tell you some info: The martial arts place is right at the end of the thorncliffe estate next to la bella brides and across from distinctive doors. There is a little bit of stuff in pairs but mostly on own. Honestly everyone is so friendly, its not atall macho, infact more women than men. Beth29 I'm sure you would be fine but I'd be happy to meet you down there if it makes you feel any better. hope that helps! Catherine
  12. soz for delay replying - i don't tend to buy books like that as i never properly feel i get my money's worth, however i did think about buying that one. I think its really good and got lots of different techniques and projects using paper, fabric, computer printer, ink stamps, random objects etc. You could always request the library copy (i've taken it back!) and see what you think. Good luck with your crafty projects.
  13. Thanks for those velvet burlesque class details. I've been going to the class at the martial arts place on thorncliffe industrial estate thurs 7.40pm, its great - circuit training with some boxing/martial arts fitness. I've only been going about 2 months and I've lost 6 cms of my waist and 2 kilos lighter. Feel much better! I'll bear in mind the yoga/pilates class for the future though, and we need more people at the thursday class, so if anyone reading this is interested, maybe I'll see you there.
  14. Theres a great book that sheffield libraries have (chapeltown library have a copy, its next to me now!) Called 'layered, tattered and stitched' by ruth rae. it has LOADS of fab ideas with layers, printing onto old ohp acetates then burning the edges, using found objects, dying stuff with tea bags etc. definitely stuff that could be used in card making.
  15. Just starting to apply for a reception place for my son, our catchment school is Lound Infants (chapeltown), I need to know if anyone runs a breakfast or after school club for the school but there is nothing on the school website. Obviously I can call them next week but I'd like to know now! Any info gratefully received, thanks
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