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  1. I thought they did. That's the problem. I don't think folk stopped shopping. They just stopped shopping in Sheffield city centre.
  2. I don't think that is the case at all. The council certainly put a large amount of cash towards this event because it was in a deprived area. Many of the rides were billed as free because the council had paid for them to be so. So when you turn up and there is virtually nothing there you start to wonder. Similarly with the stalls. If someone is to provide a beer tent thatis all well and good. They don't want to arrive to find 6 other beer tents, so if they are given an exclusive deal then it should be necessary for them to turn up regardless of the weather. Perhaps if the event is held next year the organisers need to ensure that folk who are there to provide a service are required to turn up and provide it. Otherwise they should book duplicates to ensure that there is something for the spectators who took the time, trouble and expense to attend.
  3. I'm not really sure what your beef is here. The story seems to be that a man on what appears to some be a high salary has decided to chuck it in because he can do better elsewhere with less disruption to his life. I don't think he is asking for anyone to feel sorry for him, or for your heart to bleed for him. He isn't asking for a pay rise. He has just left a job and is off to do something else in order to have a happier better paid life. Perhaps he feels that he can do better... David Miliband's move to the US : A staff of 12,000 and a salary of £300,000 on the aid gravy train Top job at International Rescue Committee charity includes number of perks Complimentary private health care and gold-plated, tax-free pension Likely to be paid five times salary of Labour MP for 37-and-a-half hour week http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2300240/David-Milibands-US--A-staff-12-000-salary-300-000-aid-gravy-train.html
  4. But then we would have seen air movements which we didn't. So he is posting total tripe. Don't you agree? .
  5. OK so why is Israel to blame for the fighting in Iraq and Syria?
  6. That's odd as Iraq doesn't have a border with Israel. You really do need to brush up your lies a bit.
  7. Did he say anything about the killings in Iraq, Nigeria or Syria?
  8. Hesseltine was instrumental in the whole regeneration of Liverpool docks area. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-23266384 Conservative peer Lord Heseltine has been given an honorary fellowship by a Liverpool university in recognition of his part in the city's regeneration. Lord Heseltine helped the city change its image after the Toxteth riots in 1981 and was instrumental in the transformation of the Albert Dock. At the time the docks were derelict and shut. Now they are a jewel and a major tourist attraction. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Dock the general decline of docking in the city meant that the future of the Albert Dock was uncertain. Numerous plans were developed for the re-use of the buildings but none came to fruition and in 1972 the dock was finally closed. Having lain derelict for nearly ten years, the redevelopment of the dock began in 1981, when the Merseyside Development Corporation was set up, with the Albert Dock being officially re-opened in 1984. Today the Albert Dock is a major tourist attraction in the city and the most visited multi-use attraction in the United Kingdom, outside of London. It is a vital component of Liverpool's UNESCO designated World Heritage Maritime Mercantile City and the docking complex and warehouses also comprise the largest single collection of Grade I listed buildings anywhere in the UK. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canning_Dock Along with the Albert Dock and others in the immediate vicinity, Canning Dock was abandoned as a commercial shipping facility in 1972 due to the rising cost of dredging and falling numbers in traffic.[2] It was restored in the 1980s and provides access to the Canning Graving Docks, which are part of the Merseyside Maritime Museum. If you think Sheffield Canal is attractive beyond the canal basin you must be comparing it with some pretty poor competition. Perhaps you should stop trolling and check your facts.
  9. Its already built. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7eQKbupAaY
  10. They bring out bodies from all over and stick them in the ruins. Half of them were probably killed for being the wrong types of Muslims as is happening in Syria and Iraq. By the way what do you think of negociating with the various factions in Traq and Syria. When the cameras move on so do the bodies. Israel will stop bombing Gaza when Hamas stop firing rockets at Israel.
  11. Oh dear. You don't like the truth do you. Isn't it odd how well those in Liverpool speak of Michael Hesseltine. He is a local hero there.Liverpool was perhaps the worst city in England 50 years ago and going downhill fast. Hesseltine got involved and brought about real change. Liverpool City of Culture is now a real gem of a place. But those in Sheffield sneer and make excuses which is why Sheffield is still on the descent. ---------- Post added 30-07-2014 at 19:02 ---------- Liverpool was until recently known for its derelict docks. It was a no go area pretty much like Docklands in London. The city regenerated themselves. It takes more than replacing the city centre with student flats. Sheffield's canal comes right into the city. It finishes alongside the railway station on Pond Street. It runs for miles through Sheffield from Meadowhall. Almost every yard of it a bloody mess. ---------- Post added 30-07-2014 at 19:10 ---------- OK... http://www.portstrategy.com/news101/world/europe/peel-ports-raises-funds-for-future-growth 17 Dec 2012 The UK's Peel Ports Group has successfully completed a £1.6bn refinancing deal, with money raised from a variety of banks and private investors, to fund its future growth plans. The funding, which includes £150m from the European Investment Bank, will be used for Peel Port’s development plans for the coming year. This includes a £300m investment in the construction of the deep water container terminal, Liverpool2. Graeme Charnock, chief financial officer of Peel Ports, said: “The strong support we have received from banks and investors is testament to their confidence in the future plans of the Peel Ports Group." "We have refinanced our existing facilities, and created a diversified and flexible funding platform to support our growth strategy, which includes the development of the Liverpool2 container terminal," he added. The new terminal at the UK’s Port of Liverpool, located on the River Mersey, will enable some of the world’s largest container vessels to call at the port, which are capable of carrying 13,500 containers – a considerable increase compared to the current limit of 3,500. It also aims to cut costs, reduce emissions and remove over 150 million miles of transport from the UK’s rail and roads. Work on the new terminal is due to start in early 2013 and operations are expected to begin in 2015 - See more at: http://www.portstrategy.com/news101/world/europe/peel-ports-raises-funds-for-future-growth#sthash.Dp5WVgoH.dpuf
  12. Perhaps you should read this. http://www.stgeorgesquarter.org/freedom-liverpool-recipient-lord-heseltine-returns-liverpool-conversation-evening/ Freedom of Liverpool recipient Lord Heseltine returns to Liverpool for In Conversation Evening Little Atom Productions are delighted to announce that Lord Michael Heseltine will be their next interviewee in the hugely successful In Conversation series. Appearing at St Georges Hall on Tuesday 17 June, the event also forms part of the official cultural programme of the 2014 International Festival for Business. Former Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Secretary, Lord Heseltine is the latest in an impressive portfolio of high profile guests participating in the increasingly popular In Conversation series, which has previously featured legendary Liverpool crime writer Lynda La Plante and retired Liverpool and England footballer Jamie Carragher sharing their life stories. A key figure and most famously known throughout Liverpool for his work to help revive the city after the Toxteth Riots and instrumental in the redevelopment of the Albert Dock when the Merseyside Development Corporation was set up in 1981, Lord Heseltine received the prestigious title Freedom of Liverpool in 2012 joining the likes of Ken Dodd, The Beatles and Roy Castle. He was also awarded an honorary fellowship by John Moores University in 2013 for his part in the city’s regeneration. A highly distinguished businessman, the University of Liverpool recognised his services to business and economics by founding the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy and Practice which works with organisations with the aim of building prosperous futures and managing the impacts of global economic, environmental, social and cultural change. Since starting in 2009, the In Conversation series has given a fascinating insight into the lives and careers of their esteemed guests mixed with a collection of their favourite pieces of music performed live by five separate acts. These hugely popular evenings have proved to be must-see and sell out successes.
  13. Well if you were running Israel and the neighbouring country was firing rockets at your civilian population, and blowing up your buses what would you do? ---------- Post added 30-07-2014 at 14:27 ---------- But there is also no evidence whatsoever that Israel hit the building. I think you will find that Hamas were firing rockets in the vicinity too. It seems to me that Israel hits the intended targets rather more often than Hamas who seem content to use casualties amongst the local population for propaganda purposes. ---------- Post added 30-07-2014 at 14:29 ---------- Or it was deliberately targetted by Hamas for propaganda purposes.
  14. I was in Liverpool this last week. It is difficult to imagine this was the same run down city that Derek Hatton led in the 1980s. Michael Hesseltine was given the freedom of Liverpool by the Labour Council because of his efforts in creating the transformation. Last week the place was alive. During the day folks sat outside pubs and cafes all over the city. Liverpool 1 was buzzing. The docks area was filled with folks. In the evenings the city centre was packed. There are still scruffy bits but the opptimism of the locals is fantastic. The transformation was incredible. Could the same be done in Sheffield?
  15. Probably when the terrorists stop firing misiles into Israel and stop crossing the border through tunnels to blow up buses.
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