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  1. I was one of the 85. I had forgotten about it until I read this. Not the first time or the last that we were late. I remember someone hit a teacher with a T square and was caned in the assembley hall in front of the whole school. JIG
  2. Mass Radiography Centre and Unit, Ellin Street, Sheffield from The National archives. See hear; http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s18041&pos=1&action=zoom&id=20627 I spent many a happy hour there repairing the equipment and then moving it to the Royal and finally to the Hallamshire, happy days.
  3. Sure was, It was the static MMR (Mass Miniature Radiography unit). Used to detect for TB. It then moved to the Royal on West Street and was behind the casualty department. When the royal closed it moved to the Hallamshire Out patient department Ground floor. When they thought we had eradicated TB they were all closed down. It was called Miniature because the films were small, started out as 70mm roll film and later 100mm cut film. As also stated they had a mobile van and trailer that visited works and large offices plus outlying villages. I believe the trailers that housed the diesel generators were built for use in the war as power supplies for the search lights. OK I'm full of useless information. I'll get my coat.
  4. The "new" building to the left was the School of Physiotherapy and on the upper floors a storage for medical specimens and lecture theaters. All gone now. jiginc
  5. I have tried sugar free chocolates and they were great. Got them from the Carousel Chocolaterie shop on Church street just by the entrance to TKMax. They do a full range of Handmade Belgium chocolates as well.
  6. Thanks again library I had not realised that the tracks had to be changed when changing from horse to electric. Must have been due to the weight and connectivity required. This film shows again what we lost when in it's wisdom Sheffield scrapped the tram system. I can understand the maintenance costs and low cost of fuel was given as the reason but the new system is a mere shadow of the former installation. jiginc
  7. Thanks again Library. The more times I watch this film the more strange things I see. Any idea about the street off to the left at 1:23 with A G Williams Cash Chemist on the corner? It looks like points turn into it, only from the London Road end, but stop at the edge of the road must have been a very early closed line or maybe it never opened. jiginc
  8. Thanks for that Library I did not realise that trams ever went up Cemetery Road hence my confusion. Must try and find a map from the early 1900's with the tram lines on it. The 1950's maps do not show lines going up Cemetery Road. Any one know when they were removed. jiginc
  9. Hi, what a great film. Looking at 50 sec we can see two lines branch off to the left and I thought it was at the bottom of the Moor and the lines went up Ecclesall Road but then Tram E turned left before the first left turn. Where do you think this is? jiginc
  10. Wharncliffe hospital. Built on the hill behind Middlewood. Annex to the Royal Infirmary. Had it's own X-Ray department.
  11. Good question I cannot remember any names but I do remember when working on Mr Morrells Rolls fitting a speaker to the rear parcel shelf I had to crawl into the boot to hold it in place and fit the nuts some kind member of the garage team closed the boot lid trapping me inside. There were some evil people at Mowbray Street. Thank heavens most were not. jiginc
  12. Tesco in Clowne had some may be other Tescos have them.
  13. Why would anyone go to NG or HH when a great place like Barlborough is available. Private level care on the NHS and never in it's long history has it had one case of infection.
  14. To much good sense being spoken here to have any effect. The line should be all as stated but should also be the main intercity line to Manchester.
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