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  1. Was there a fishing tackle / pet / hardware shop, behind the bus stop opposite the elm tree pub in the sixties early seventies . sure i can remember buying packet hooks and floats ect.
  2. exactly what i am saying rev43,why can we fish ponds lakes ect, but not rivers???
  3. No i have nothing against them and apologise unreservedly for calling them chavs,
  4. Thanks charliewag, Just what i am saying,time to stand up and be counted re the close season nonsense
  5. Yeah should be for all members of society, speaking as a person who also enjoys a barbeque and certainly more than a few beers . Wasn,t having a go at the kids , just the vast amount LITTER, or maybe that appeases YOU and your KIND.
  6. anyhow, what about the lads fishing close season ?
  7. Matter of taste, love the music myself,was listening to john digweed global underground on my i pod as i passed
  8. always thought the loxley joined the don at owlerton dog track ( probably wrong, usually am )
  9. Just been for a most ( largely) enjoyable walk round rother valley park,Enjoyed the walk the scenery, and the sunshine until reaching chavs corner, regular users of the park will know where i mean, just before the entrance to the cable jet ski. Ankle deep in empty beer cans , barbecue rubbish and mc donalds , kfc wrappers ect. surely the wardens know that it is spoiling the enjoyment of the vast majority of the park users, any chance of this area being policed by the wardens a little better , or as i suspect dont they care.PS, got nothing at all against young people , i respect there values, would just like them to respect ours
  10. Was on claywheels lane this morning and noticed 3 or 4 cars parked up all along the lane leading down to abbey forgings. on driving past i saw at least 6 anglers fishing in the river.Now i know yorkshire has by laws during the close season allowing fishing with worm only, but i dont believe for one minute that was the only bait they were using.Seems to me that they were blatantly flouting the close season law,not saying i totally disapprove if this really was the case, good on em , its about time somebody started the ball rolling to as to overturn this outdated nonsense that serves very little ( if any ) purpose at all.Interested to hear what you forummers think.
  11. copy and paste ???? is that your secret tactic and bait lol, would love a breakfast though, can you just put me down for one instead of baffling me with technology, regards
  12. Just had our new conservatory finished and wondered if anyone had blinds fitted that dont cost more than the bloody conservatory !!!
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