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  1. Any Little Misters surviving in Sheffield ? What happened to the Pub ?
  2. Quite right-- I now recollect the number as 128. I have just viewed Osbourne House on Google street level route map - as they say " tempus fugit" what a sorry state it now is in. Will pay a visit up north to the property later this year. Thanks all.
  3. Hi Beth-- it was a grand and fabously maintained home, having polished oak an mahogany doors, balastraded staircases leading to the upstairs rooms. The first floor salon had oak parka flooring A magnificant ornate fireplace , and the walls of the room were decorated with panels of jade geen silk. Can you tell me if the property remains or has been demolished ?
  4. Thanks for reply-is the property still standing ?
  5. JD.--re your comments as above were brought to my attention by family. I also veiwed a sad looking Osborn House on photo bucket. I was employed their for several years in the late 1960s, when it was a Hostel for youths, aged between 16yrs and 20 years , subjects of a Probation Order. Can you advise of its current situation ?
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