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  1. Quite right, I should have written "Aren't public services awesome (until the tory guillotine beheads them and lets us all burn in the name of a few quids saved)" Thanks for the correction! ---- edit: it was a 52
  2. Hmm if I was a fraudster (which I'm not) I'd love people to put all their personal documents on the road side in a conveniently sized container to peruse at my leisure.... Saw this coming as soon as they were delivered, at least blue bins were a little less convenient to chuck in the boot of a car.
  3. Pretty much. Full bus too. I looked behind and the back seats were on fire. Had been creaking/smoking pretty much from West Street. Everyone got off ok, no one was injured, fire engine came pretty much instantly, aren't public services awesome.
  4. MENTAL. I was on that bus, mentally scarred!
  5. What an inconvenient commute... http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/802/img20110511203706.jpg/
  6. Theres no point arguing with an idiot mate, lol.
  7. http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-5x5-beginner-strength-training-program/ /thread
  8. Do you think Einsteins teachers were all world famous scientists? Do you think Usain Bolts coaches were all record breaking sprinters? John Goldson is an awesome coach, he's not a regular competitor but he trains amateur, semi-pro and pro MMA fighters, and has BJJ students (me included) who fight in competitions. And, for that matter, the "head honcho" of GB North is Lagarto, who recently won gold in the European BJJ championships. My 20p
  9. Yes, John Goldson runs the gym, Sheffields first BJJ black belt. He also coaches the MMA, s+c/cardio classes, all good stuff.
  10. Obviously a few here are in need of a sense of humour transplant regarding my earlier comment! That video is really a fine example of my underlying point. I genuinely think it's dangerous to teach semi contact "martial art", predominantly to younger people (kids or teenagers, maybe early 20s) which seem to be the target audience of the more "traditional" martial arts, explain that it's the ultimate super duper fighting style and is too dangerous to do full contact, and make them all think they're superman. Lets be fair, if they get into a fight with a boxer, they're gonna get seriously hurt, and amongst others, the instructor is going to be to blame (in my eyes). As for lotar, etc. have said, obviously sparring 150% all the time is lame, and a recipe for pain/injuries, but that isn't what chefkicker was talking about - what I should have said is semi contact martial arts are for wimps.
  11. n.e.r.d - you're hardly acting as a positive ambassador of the "muscle madness" gym. bogeyman101 - there are 2 olympic squat racks and 1 smith machine, a goodish selection of weights, some fixed weights. Don't really care about dumbells so I can't tell you about that Longest I've waited for weights is about 20 mins - but thats when you get your cardio in! There are a ridiculous number of cardio machines, but not a large selection, if that makes sense. So like 50 treadmills but none of those silly bicycle arm machines. They also have kettlebells if you're into that (fad). And they used to have a sharps bin in the toilets, that they thankfully seem to have got rid of.
  12. Yes, 150mins. You're supposed to type your numberplate in on a computer inside but I always forget...
  13. Can't remember the sources (mostly sherdog.com) but H&B stuff is pretty low grade/quality. Each to their own!
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