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  1. Pond St. was cleared but I don't know where the people went.
  2. I used to post as Floridablade but having researched the 9/11 crime I changed my username, just for the record. Peter, Priory Terrace was off Priory road and our house was between Sharrow lane and Priory Terrace just opposite the end of Fentonville St. I agree with you cuttsie, not a good time, we were all starving ecept for the Churchill types of course.
  3. I think sacking Megson was a big mistake, after all Wednesday are in third place and almost certain of the play-offs if nobody upsets the apple cart then the board do just that, crazy. All Wednesday need is a decent striker and keeper from what I saw against Blackpool.
  4. I can remember those days particularly the milk floats. A few months ago I started lookig into alternative powered vehicles and first of all thought of hydrogen but not being a chemistry type, my forte is electronics, I decided to go for a hybrid. The plan is to buy a small car and rip out all the mechanical junk, engine, geearbox etc. I will have an electric motor driving each rear wheel each elecronically controlled by a pulse width modulation device. I've designed the electronics and found a 2003 Porche with a bad engine going for $2500. If anybody is interested in converting and you think I can help send me a P.M.
  5. No player is worth much when they miss penalties, yes I know some supposed great players have missed them but by doing so proves they're not all that great. A Wednesday player against Blackpool had only the keeper to beat who was lying on the ground, and what did the clown do, kicked the ball at the keeper. I wouldn't pay them in washers, even rusty ones.
  6. Nobody ever said " you guys " when I lived in Sheffield, where did it come from apart from the obvious USA, do children learn their language from Hollywood. SUFC 1 - SWFC 0
  7. I saw the Blackpool- Owls match on tele and with a decent forrard and keeper the Owls would do a lot better. United have the same problem, any player who misses a penalty needs to consider another line of work.
  8. It seems to me some young-uns think that getting a degree is the final step when in fact it's just a good start. The USA is a third world country and it's like that because the children get molly - cuddled and quite often think the world owes them a living " because I'm an American " Drivers have to slow down to a crawl while 16 year olds get out of a school bus because the poor dears can't walk across the road on their own. If these degrees are so wonderful why don't they give the recipients the tools to start their own business. I've lived in the USA for 18 years and life is good if you have money but probably the worst country in the world if you haven't.
  9. There was a few air raid shelters in the park which they could have gone in. We all carried a torch and there was an occassional light on but very dim. Most gate posts were painted with some paint which lit up in the dark, probably radium or something. Are you all learning American English now in school, I just wondered since I see words like " scared " instead of frightened and " exited " instead of left.
  10. If you really want to live on board buy a sea going vessel.I built a Colvic Watson in 1984 and took it through the French canals to the Med. and lived on it for 11 years, it was then a wondeful experience.
  11. Canal boats in the U.K. are too narrow and you'll find them uncomfortable. Go to France and have a look at a Peniche or better still put a caravan on floats. The floats are simply plastic tubes, the larger the better. If you can get hold of some 2 feet diameter tubing then block off the ends each foot length will support 180 Lbs. so a 20 foot long raft would supprt a caravan weighing 3600 Lbs. and will draw 12 inches.
  12. I have a Bobcat 26 feet camper for rent in northern Florida. I can put it on a site near Orlando. It sleeps nine people if they're very friendly. P.M. me for details.
  13. I'm a retired electronics engineer. Solar panels as Cavegirl says need to be controlled by a device which dumps the power from the panels once the batteries are fully charged and keep them charged as you draw power. Inverters come in two types, the cheap ones simply switch the D.C. and increase the voltage through a transformer. They can be built from parts available at Maplins in town, they may even have a kit. They can be used for most things which uses A.C. but some devices are sensitive to the frequency and shape of the wave so you'll need a true sine wave inverter for those. I have a 28 foot camper here in Florida which I'll rent out if someone wants a holiday over here.
  14. Last time I was in Scarborough there were loads of 65 year olds going on 12 sat astride noisy motor bikes. In 1969 or thereabouts I parachuted into Scarborough bay. I was permanent Staff at a TA unit in London and we did our fortnights camp in the Army camp on the north side of town. Nice town then.
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