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  1. Stay well clear of Technicar!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. HI Stay well clear of Technicar !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi im sure this guy can help i have just had him in to look at my computer. it turned out to be my reader he took it away in the afternoon and returned it the next (price not bad to) he was called the computer doctor 07888723080 or e mail thecomputerdoctor@live.co.uk they have a website also http://www.thecomputerdoctor.webs.com hope this helps
  4. Hi really sorry to hear about your plight!! I live in Sheffield 8 area so I will keep my eyes open for your things and if see anything I will PM you as you requested Hope all goes well
  5. The ones up at the top end of Warminster Road, Near the Sports Fields, are privately owned. These are the ones I'm interested in also & have been unable to find out who they are owned by so would be grateful if you find out let me know please. cheers
  6. I agree with the above method If you are looking for a curry sauce to use from a jar I can recommend one called Naziars it comes in all different strengths and all you have to do is cook the meat and onions add the paste and water (instructions are on the jar). I used to get it in jars from local Indian stores but have had difficulty finding it lately. Hope this helps if you find a store that stocks it let me know cheers
  7. Will have to try it hope the food is as good as the restaurant
  8. Try Woodseats fisheries very nice fish & chips
  9. Have you tried manhattans on Heeley bottom he has lots of contacts
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