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  1. Does anyone know of any and with spaces? Tried two but is there anymore?
  2. I have sinced looked around birley aswell as others and while it is a lovely school. Their Sen department has very much let them down for me.
  3. ? That's an interesting point. I have seen some ofsted reports outline something similar to a point you've made but not birley. It was one of the few that actually had a good report. Any other schools good around there?
  4. Great. Thank you. What did you find so terrible about rainbow?x
  5. Hi there. Just wondering what people's thoughts of birley primary school are? Is it worth a look round? Any parents of children here? What do you think of it?
  6. I'm wanting a dslr camara for starter use but to keeping using for pro shots. Ideally a cheap package and good megapixels can anyone recommend a good camara or even a great deal? Thank you
  7. It was near worrygoose roundabout thats not brinsworth
  8. I wondered how long it'd be shut as I have to drop something off there today. I hope if what the above poster says is true that the man is ok x
  9. Bits of a driver?.where did that happen?.if it happened the other night why would it be shut tonight?
  10. Police are stopping people going past esso and cadets just before brinsworth manor on otherside x
  11. Gone to visit a friend and have been made to turn around? Anyone know why?
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