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  1. Trust Hillsbro to put the record straight - he has a vast knowledge of Sheffield and all the right books!
  2. When I purchased my last-but-one house in 1981 it was also on a long lease - I think 900 years - at an annual ground rent of £2.25. In due course it turned out that the ground landlord -(or his/her solicitors) had lost the deeds. I just carried on paying the ground rent each year (via Norrow in Paradise Square) and sold the house with no difficulty in 1993.
  3. If we kids wouldn't eat my mum would say gerritetten!
  4. My favourite is supwidee? I think it is purely a Sheffield speciality. My dad would reply "I'll supwidee any time".
  5. Hi andrejuan. I also found the Red Star parcel service to be very good, though there was the odd occasion when a delay occurred. I never had to wait an hour as hillsboro did, but it did occur to me that the staff were sometimes inflexible - job demarcation etc. I don't know if there is a similar service nowadays; I have given up using Royal Mail for parcels as they charge the earth. I use Parcel2Go.com and so far I haven't had a bad experience with their overnight or 48-hour services.
  6. Isn't that "definitely"? Shouldn't it be "taught you stuff"? It seems King Edward's isn't what it was when I was there in the 1960s.......
  7. You mean with a B1 (old-style motorcycle) licence you can actually drive a 4-wheel smart car?
  8. I think the 'C' shape of the handle is perhaps unlikely to have any significance, but you never know! As hillsboro noted it can't be a silver item or there would be a hallmark - it may be silver plated, or Britannia metal, pewter etc. The monogram seems to include the letter 'M' - perhaps the initial of the owner's name.
  9. This seems strange - my dad rented our first TV in 1956 (I remember the year as we watched news reports of the Melbourne Olympics) but when my uncle had moved from Birmingham two years earlier he bought one (on HP) as he was told you couldn't rent in Sheffield..
  10. Well, not really... Electoral registers list everyone of voting age at each address. Kelly's showed just the householder, but their directories were much more easily available (most larger businesses had them and some bookshops sold them). As Hillsbro noted, Kelly's also gave lists of councillors and magistrates, also local societies & clubs, churches, charities, a "medical list" and other useful information. Now we have Google!
  11. Traveline suggests the 38, every half hour Monday-Saturday and hourly on Sundays. It goes via Shiregreen and takes 26 minutes according to the timetable.
  12. Quite right - just as here in South Yorkshire the passes are also valid on trains. These local benefits are available to pass holders in their home areas, and not outside them. It is when a pass holder is in a different area that the 'core standards' apply - such as only using the passes after 9-30 am on weekdays. Some local authorities only apply core standards and don't allow any extra benefits, but it is surprising that the press release quote by 'Andy C' confuses 'the rest of the country outside of London' with the core standards.
  13. ...none of which exists in the South, I suppose.
  14. Well, it always seemed to be doing OK whenever I called or passed by, until shortly before it burned down. Perhaps it wasn't insured; if so then the fire might well have put paid to the business. Such a shame.
  15. North Devon? Perhaps New Delhi? Or maybe North Dakota?..
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