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  1. Memories fade over the years ptrA, but wasn't Heaven and Hell at the El Mambo?
  2. Yes, great days scousemouse. Sorry to learn that Brian Cook is no longer with us. As I remember (and that's a big ask) the Vampires line up was Bri Cook on vocals, Don Allison on lead guitar, Colin Boyman on guitar and Ginge Rogers on drums. I believe that Colin has also left us. Don was a damn good guitarist as well as being a smashing lad and often amused us lot at Dobcroft Youth Club with his ditties. I remember in early Vampire days that Brian bought an Austin 7 Ruby for £5 so the group could travel. Lucky to get all four in it let alone instruments as well. Brian chose to go into an insurance job rather than risk the fickle pop market.
  3. Existing contract holder Firstgroup has recently won a new 8 year contract to run the York Park and Ride services to start in early 2018. Interestingly, as part of an order for various new vehicles for the contract, six new Mercedes Euro6 engined Citaro 0295 Bendybuses are to be supplied for the Rawcliffe Bar service which has low bridges. The fate of the existing 15 08-registered Bendys is presently unknown.
  4. For Hopton Bank, have a look here Runningman. There are a few
  5. Perhaps not a pub crawl into Derbyshire as per the majority of the posts old tup, but an entertaining experience nevertheless. If I remember rightly, the towels on the bar depicted the 'Relief of Lady Smith' who was shown doing just that and on the same theme, the notice on the Ladies loo was 'Drip Dry' and on the Gents, 'Shake dry'. ---------- Post added 28-03-2016 at 22:08 ---------- Not sure if you don't mean the Norfolk Arms at Ringinglow. This was run by an interesting woman called Lilian Kinder and was famed for late drinking. The Hammer and Pincers was at Bents Green and surrounded by residential housing and in the late 50's/early 60's was run by a rather severe ex-bobby by the name of Charles Barkwith Thompson. I know he ran a tight ship and would be very surprised if he took any risks with his licence. At that time of course in the late 50's, closing time was 10.00 in Yorkshire and we would scarper over the border to take advantage of 10.30 closing.
  6. Mr Lister was not alone Philip. In 1897, Whitby Charles Oliver opened a furniture store in York. The furniture business recently closed down as it could no longer compete with the big players in the market but the name lives on as Britannia Whitby Oliver, a successful removals arm of the company. At one point, a branch of the furniture shop was located in the delightfully named street, 'Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate.
  7. mike 57, I suspect the 'tobacco' used in Turf was our old friend 'Kerbstone Twist'. You knew what it was from the smell, but how the heck you lit it, I don't know.
  8. As an interesting aside, if you are in Google Earth and search for s8 it takes you straight to Woodseats just like I put in 01546 and it takes me straight to my daughter's town in Massachusetts! Cool huh.
  9. If I remember rightly, Frank E Corker was the 'gaffer' in the late 50's Phil, presumably son of Walter.
  10. Re Royal Hospital -You may find this Youtube film of interest Jomie
  11. The only route that comes to mind DumDom is the 74 City - Greystones - Norton. This cross-town service finished its route by coming up Meadowhead, turning left at the Norton Hotel and proceeding down Norton Lane as far as Cloonmore Drive which was the terminus. Here it reversed and went back the way it came. I understand that over time, there were various amalgamations with other routes and the part between Abbey Lane and Norton ceased in 1965 or thereabouts.
  12. Hi everybody. In January 1952, there was a severe shortage of capacity at Ecclesall C of E Primary School and my class of J3 (all aged about 10) was bussed to the Totley Primary School for the term ending July 1952. I can't recall the exact name of the Totley school but it was down Main Avenue and to the right. It was a very enjoyable spell but my memories are limited to a Mrs Gascoigne who I think was deputy head and I was quite keen on a pupil, Patricia Spencer, who lived on Main Avenue. In later life, I worked with Geoff Maynard whose parents had an ironmongery shop down the main road. He was quite keen on Eileen Pitchfork. I also knew John Emsley, nice lad, don't know if he's still around.
  13. A toss up between white bread and margarine covered with lovely gooey tinned Nestles Milk and Davy's bread with marg and potted meat from the Co-op. I seem to remember the potted meat was cut from a trayful covered with wax or something to keep it fresh. Probably still is. If you went out with the lads on a trip with packed lunch on a hot day, you soon found out who had the egg sandwiches!
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